Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that will help you improve your SEO by finding relevant keywords, generating content ideas, analyzing backlink data (inbound links), and much more.

This keyword generator is for individuals and small businesses who want to improve their website performance, optimize their content marketing, and attract more organic visitors. It may not be as comprehensive as other keyword research tools like Semrush, or as well known as Keyworld Planner and Google Suggest, but it is certainly an effective tool that will help you find easily. relevant keywords and useful content ideas.

Successful British entrepreneur Neil Patel bought and relaunched Ubersuggest

How does Ubbersuggest work?

Much like other online SEO tools, Ubersuggest works by analyzing keywords, backlinks, and domain data to give you a clear idea of ​​their value and South Africa Phone Number List competitiveness. You can type a keyword into the search bar and see all the important data that the tool offers you for analysis.

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There are 5 levels of data that the tool allows you to examine:
Overview of keywords ( Keyword Overview )
Keyword ideas ( Keyword Ideas )
Content Ideas ( Content Ideas )
Top ranking pages ( Top Ranking Pages )
Keywords ( Keywords )
You can also perform backlink scans and site audits, which are an integral part of their SEO analysis tool.

Overview of keywords ( Keyword Overview )

Here is the information you will have access to on this page:

– Monthly Search Volume : this value shows us the estimated amount of monthly traffic generated by a given keyword.

– SEO Difficulty : the “difficulty” of a keyword is a score supposed to represent the estimated competition in organic search. The lower the number, the less competition there is for a given keyword.

– Paid Difficulty : “ Paid Difficulty ” is a score that represents the estimated competition for a keyword in paid search results. The higher the score, the more competitive the keyword in PPC type ads.

– Cost Per Click : This is the average cost per click of paid Google search results.

One can also get an idea of ​​the traffic behavior for any keyword during the past year from the trend graph.

In addition to that, we can observe the amount of traffic coming from mobile devices and the amount of traffic coming from desktops.

This traffic breakdown is important because it gives you insight into how a person searches their content for a specific keyword.

Keyword ideas ( Keyword Ideas )

The “keyword ideas” section in Ubersuggest is quite unique. It can allow you to examine keyword ideas across 5 different levels.

– Suggestions of standard keywords

– Suggestions of associated keywords

– Questions

– prepositions

– Comparisons

Why is this important?
Because if for example you are creating content online, you are usually not going to create an article or a page for just one specific keyword. Rather, you will need additional combinations, questions, and ideas around that keyword.

These different components of keyword ideas will therefore allow you to create a list of relevant topics that you can cover in your content.

All these functions (questions, prepositions, comparisons) allow you to create your own list of keywords, which you can use to effectively reference / classify your content. If you cover at least 1 or 2 of each of these keyword components in your content, it will have a better chance of shining in the SERPS and trustering the first pages.

Thus, these keyword ideas will give you the opportunity to create long-form content that is likely to stand out and dominate the competition. They will also allow you to focus on targeting keyword ideas that generate higher traffic.

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