In addition to a technical (and financial) challenge to implement. Such a platform, there is also the challenge of obtaining. The consent (via an accepted cookie) from the visitor or the person in the CDP. It will therefore be a challenge to offer relevant content in such a way that the visitor gives you that permission. On the other hand, this makes it more fun and challenging for marketers to offer good content.

Low & no-code tooling

The data you collect in a CDP is also very useful to offer personalized experiences to your target group in the increasingly complex buyer journey. An interesting article about this appeared on CMSWire . Example of a CDP in 2022 Marketing Technology Trends Source: Nominow Trend 5: Personal video goes mainstream Due to corona, many people have become Honduras Phone Number accustomed to sitting behind a webcam during meetings. It is also accepted that videos are not always of studio quality.

Following the first trend

Especially when it comes to personal videos. The use of these personal videos in sales, marketing and support is expected to become mainstream in 2022. There are a number of tools available for this that are easy to use, such as Vidyard, BombBomb or Bonjoro. Examples of the use of personal video in different ways. A nice example of the various possibilities is the case of O-Joe-Coffee who used personal video to get customers on their subscription model and reached that for no less than 50%.

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