Along with Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, YouTube is one of the behemoths in the world of social networks. About 2 billion Internet users connect to the video sharing platform, and more than a billion videos are viewed every day!

In France, it is estimated that 40 million of our compatriots watch at least one video every month.

Therefore, YouTube can represent a very interesting distribution vector for your company’s digital strategy. In addition to the platform that your company can use for free to promote its brand and its products via videos on its own YouTube channel, you should also experiment with the YouTube advertising network, YouTube Ads, which has all the qualities to boost your web marketing. , in particular with its precise targeting possibilities.

But the first advantage of YouTube Ads is, as we said, the size of its audience, which is phenomenal and global.

And finally, it must be said that at the price level, the cost of an ad campaign on YouTube is competitive, and you pay by the number of clicks or views. At Google Ads , the cost per click varies between one and two euros, while YouTube, it is below one euro.

So, for all these reasons, take a look at our top 10 YouTube Ads agencies in France, and discover new ways to reach a wider audience.

1- is a benchmark agency on the Parisian market in terms of digital marketing, certified Google Partner Premier. One of their specialties is Paid Media, and the teams of experts at Junto have unparalleled know-how that will allow your Chile Phone Numbers List or company to shine on the main current platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube.

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Regarding the latter, the web marketing agency based in the capital will guide you serenely throughout your media purchases on YouTube Ads, thanks to a Search, Display, and Video consultant at your disposal.

So if you want to develop your lead generation strategy on YouTube, contact us

2- Yateo
Yateo presents itself as a Youtube Ads agency specializing in the management of ad campaigns on YouTube. For experts this digital marketing agency of the 5 th district of Paris, the American video sharing platform has all the qualities required to occupy a leading role in your SEA acquisition strategy. In particular by using the concept of Trueview instream, which allows your advertising campaigns to be presented at an affordable cost, while offering ultra-precise targeting possibilities, which take into account, for example, the keywords searched on Google.

3- Ekko Media

The main objective of this Parisian YouTube Ads agency, certified Google Partner Premier, is to develop a qualified audience for your brand, and then to increase the engagement rate with your content and your offers, the ultimate goal being to optimize your return on investment and your growth.

For Ekko Media, YouTube Ads is an essential lever for engaging any target audience at the start of the conversion funnel, and which also allows you to disseminate your brand image to as many people as possible.

4- Digimood
Digmood is an agency specialized in social media advertising which is based in Marseille. Thanks to its expertise in this field, Digimood is able to guide you in the use of this formidable advertising acquisition and distribution lever. By using their services, your business can ensure unprecedented visibility and rapid results, using impactful YouTube videos and a paid ads strategy tailored to your brand.

5- Archaeus

If you want to get started on YouTube Ads, but you don’t know how to go about it, Arkeus, experts in digital marketing and e-commerce can give you a boost, thanks to a global Google Ads / YouTube Ads support. By configuring your campaigns according to your budget, your target audiences and your objectives, Arkeus teams will allow your brand to engage your audience, with the TrueView format, and amplify the reach of your campaigns, with Bumper Ads.

6- Boost Your Web
Based in Nantes, Rennes, and Vannes, this digital marketing agency specializes in everything related to the Display network, and in particular the YouTube Ads advertising network.

Boost Your Web takes care of the configuration of your campaigns, then the implementation of the chosen advertising format, whether discovery ads, display ads, or in stream ads. Finally, their teams take charge of the complete management of your YouTube Ads campaign.

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