More and more companies and brands have been using an influencer agency in recent years, and the rise of social networks like Instagram or TikTok is certainly not for nothing.

Let’s remember what an influencer and influencer marketing are, first of all: it is a person who intervenes on a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) or a blog about ‘a particular topic and which is followed by a large number of subscribers. The influencer, as the name suggests, exerts a huge influence on his followers and it is for this reason that his talents are highly sought after whether it is for a communication campaign or product placement.

By soliciting the services of an influencer agency, your business will save precious time in finding the right person for your brand or your products and, thanks to them, you will be able to quickly take advantage of a targeted community and an engaged audience. It really is an alternative solution to consider to broaden your customer base, gain confidence, increase your notoriety and boost your sales.

Here is our top 10 influencer agencies in Paris.

1. Influence4you
Influence4you is an influence agency created by passionate professionals. Stéphane and Sébastien Bouillet understood the importance of influence when in 2010 a YouTuber made a tweet and a video to promote their site, their servers exploded because of the huge traffic generated. Understanding the power of influence, they launched influence4you in 2012.

Since 2016, to give ever more autonomy to brands, Infuence4you has launched its influencer marketing platform allowing influencers and Panama Phone Number List advertisers from all fields and all countries to collaborate directly via online campaigns.

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2. Reech
The reason for living of this Parisian agency is influencer marketing. With Reech, you will first define an influence strategy, then identify influencers who suit you, and finally start a collaboration that will take your digital marketing to a higher level in terms of engagement rate.

Reech offers two types of solutions: Reech Brand Tech, to manage your influence campaigns from A to Z, and Reech Influence Cloud, which consists of a unique modular technology.

3. Trends
Trends Paris is above all an impressive network made up of several thousand influencers, who work on subjects as varied as beauty, lifestyle, gastronomy, fashion, etc.

At Trends, your brand will have access to the best targeting strategy and to a high-performance and creative digital device that will allow it to differentiate itself and expand its audience, using in particular digital and event content on the largest platforms. of the moment like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc., but also on popular blogs.

4. Tank

Tanke is a Parisian influencer marketing agency full of energy and creativity that will allow your brand or your product to stand out from the crowd. His team is able to advise you on relevant influencer programs that are likely to increase your digital visibility and bring added value to your brand.

In addition, Tanke is ready to integrate your influencer campaigns at the heart of your overall digital strategy.

5. Woô
Woô proposes to design and implement the best influence strategy for your brand or your product / service.

Among its many skills, we distinguish tailor-made solutions to manage your influence campaigns, work on your brand content, strengthen the engagement rate of your audience, and create events to promote your brand.

Among its most noticed clients, the Parisian agency has brands such as Lancôme, Perrier, Lacoste, and even Repetto.

6. Influenzzz
This influential agency in the 7th arrondissement of Paris can become your privileged partner for your marketing project. You will be able to trigger a tenfold engagement on the part of your target audience and set up successful influence campaigns that bear fruit on the purchase of your products. Influenzzz is able to use many levers in order to increase your visibility and your notoriety, and offers you to unify your web marketing and communication teams. Expected results ? A solidified reputation, an increased digital presence and increased sales.

7. Jin

Jin is a trustworthy communication agency with a European vocation, specializing in digital influence and public relations.

Based in Paris, London, Berlin, Lisbon and New York, Jin bases all of its digital marketing and influence strategies on in-depth research of your brand and its ecosystem, using the latest technological advances.

This agency treats all its collaborations in the form of projects, in order to optimize the results and the resources committed, always in the interest of the client.

8. Magnave
Magnave’s promise is to allow your brand to boost its communication campaign thanks to the most influential personalities with your target audience.

This Parisian influencer agency can provide your company with a clearer vision of its market and provide you with opinion leader services capable of carrying out campaigns that will sustainably strengthen your brand image.

9. Beastly
Beastly promotes itself as a performance-driven influencer agency. Its promising slogan – “Honey for brands” – announces their way of seeing strategic advice and support as influencing: ambitious.

Beastly’s teams listen to you, understand your goals, select influencers who match your values ​​and your image, and above all, focus on your return on investment.

10. Dire Agency
Here is an influencer agency based in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris that is able to manage many elements of your digital communication: community / community management, web marketing, story telling, content creation, and influencer marketing. Dire Agency counts more than 3000 influencers in its contact base and can quickly identify the profiles that correspond to your brand.

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