Publishing useful content for your target audience is vital to have more visibility as a brand or as a professional. However. If your website and the content you publish on it are not optimized. Your efforts will have been in vain.

Google search console is a free google tool that can be very useful in this regard. Thanks to its use. You will be able to monitor and know in depth what the performance of your website is.

What is google search console?

Formerly known as google webmaster Honduras cell phone numbers tools. Google search console is a free tool from google. It helps both users and webmasters to monitor the results of the organic content of a website and to optimize its operation.

After all. Having an updated website in which you publish content related to your target audience can help you reach more customers and position yourself better than your competition. And. In this case. Monitoring is tremendously important.

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If you have no previous knowledge. This platform may scare you at first. However. It is a simple tool when it comes to drawing your own conclusions regarding the performance of your page and the content published on it.

Next. We are going to break down the functionalities of search console one by one. Thus. You will be able to perfectly understand what its usefulness is for your website.

Search console utilities: what is it for?

Check the indexing of the contents and force the indexing of new pages or posts.
Detect possible errors and security problems. And fix them to improve the structure of the page.
Analyze the performance of the web page.
Know which keywords are ranking. And which pages are performing better.
Analyze the incoming links and the internal linking of your website. And detect which pages have blocked elements.

Analyze parameters that directly affect your business. Such as the conversion rate of a specific page -ctr-.
Next. We are going to break down these functionalities one by one so that you can better understand them.

Content indexing
When publishing a page or a blog post on your website. It must be indexed for google to show it in its search results.

Be careful. This does not mean that all the contents of your page have to be indexed! For example. The pages that are working as landing pages for specific promotions . Perhaps. You are not interested in them being shown in user searches.

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