As you most certainly know, TikTok is a short form video sharing app, which allows its users to create and share 15 second videos, on any subject.

Since its launch in 2016, the application intended for a young audience has experienced a phenomenal expansion, and prides itself on having exceeded the symbolic barrier of one billion active users at the start of 2020, a figure which, according to social media experts, is expected to grow to 1.2 billion by the end of this year! It is certainly still far behind Facebook, but it places the platform on the same level as Instagram.

When you think that only 2 years ago, the favorite social network of teenagers did not exceed 600 million users!

So in June 2020, TikTok launched “TikTok for Business,” which basically meant that the Chinese-origin app was open to advertisers and advertising. “TikTok For Business” aims to serve as a central platform for all current and future TikTok marketing solutions for brands and offers professionals several types of advertising campaigns.

At the start of 2021, TikTok for Business launched “TikTok For You”, a new quarterly review produced by the “TikTok Creative Lab”, a kind of team in charge of creativity at TikTok, and whose responsible for the ‘Europe is called Neil Boorman. This review, which will be called “Pour Toi”, in French, will be distributed on a new platform that will have the same name – For You.

This “For You” platform will be regularly updated with the latest trends and inspirations for brands, and will include quarterly reviews that will cover all aspects of popular culture.

What is the objective of this new tool intended for professionals?

The number 1 objective of For You will be to introduce brands to new trends, before they hit the market! This new Thailand Phone Number List platform will therefore be a source of creative inspiration for brands, based on the latest trends visible at TikTok.


Neil Boorman explains that the past year has been complicated for everyone, of course due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and instead he wants to bring out positive values, like joy and spontaneity, and that is exactly what “For You” contains. He hopes the Platform will become a source of inspiration for brands and businesses that want to stay ahead of the new trends emerging and emerging on TikTok, and leverage this advantage.

A first issue dedicated to musical trends

Here is how Boorman describes the content of the first issue of “Pour Toi” : “This very first issue, entitled“ Sound On ”will present the main features of this new platform, as well as the trends that make“ Pour Toi ”undoubtedly a space for varied, different, memorable, spectacular, and even unprecedented in the history of entertainment, there is nothing like this UFO. TikTok is the only native platform that mainly focuses on music and dance. Through interviews with Andrew Lloyd Webber – the famous British musical composer – and an immersion in the phenomenon of viral dance, the first issue of the quarterly magazine will unveil why and how musical trends are coming to life today. and develop on TikTok. “

In this first issue, you can learn that there is a new term to describe the generation of people who use TikTok: it’s Generation T (T for TikTok), nothing less! In the article devoted to this subject, Alessandra Mariani, branding specialist at TikTok, asserts that it is not relevant to compartmentalize fans of the social network into Millennials, Generation Z, etc. For her, what defines the TikTok generation are the notions of community and subculture. Generation T is therefore a real community.

Inside another article, Alex Rayner explains how TikTok became “the” global radio station.

According to her, TikTok has revolutionized the way music is discovered online, radically simplifying it into a 15-second “sound”. And this new musical format, transformable and viral at will, opens up new possibilities for brands, consumers, producers, publishers and artists.

And then in this first issue, we find many other articles concerning for example the singer Elie Goulding, the phenomenon of the viral dance on TikTok, etc.

All this information will of course be blessed bread for the marketing teams of groups or brands whose core target is teenagers.

Decidedly, TikTok has been very active for a year, because we remember that in May 2020, the social network launched a feature to make videos in augmented reality, in order to compete with Snapchat.

On a completely different note, TikTok announced in mid-February that happy owners of Samsung Smart TVs will now be able to watch the best TikTok content through their television. The number one application for young people has been specially adapted to offer a viewing experience adapted to the large screens of Smart TVs. This idea came about as a reaction to the past sad year when people spent a lot more time at home in front of their TV screens.

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