At the end of April, TikTok announced the creation of a European Center for Transparency and Accountability. This information was unveiled by TikTok’s security and transparency manager, Cormac Keenan, who was also pleased to see so many European users coming to the platform to have fun and have fun.

The growing social network, which now has more than 100 million active users across Europe, wants to do everything to ensure that the public, users, and policy makers maintain their confidence in the way TikTok manages personal data , security, and the protection of its community.

TikTok wants to show its white paws

TikTok wants to show its white paws and be transparent so that the platform remains an entertaining and creative space, where users feel completely safe.

This decision to create a “TAC” (Transparency and Accountability Center) follows the opening of a similar center in the United States last year, whose mission is also to commit to transparency vis-à-vis -to users and institutions.

Shortly after announcing the opening of its US TAC, TikTok also created a Content Advisory Council, and in fact set up a similar Netherlands WhatsApp Number List structure in Europe in March, which is managed by a panel. experts of all kinds.

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TikTok now fully reproduces its American approach with a European Center for Transparency and Accountability. Cormac Keenan, in the “current affairs” section of the TikTok Newsroom, specifies the objectives and the reasons inherent in this project: “we believe that it is important to help the general public and political decision-makers to better understand our work, by giving them more visibility on everything we do, especially on issues related to the security and protection of our community ”.

This European Center for Transparency and Accountability should be fully operational in 2022, and it will be installed in Ireland.

The Center can be visited by experts, who will have the opportunity to discover, live, how the TikTok teams ensure the security of all community members, through the protection of personal data and respect for privacy.

The real objective, therefore, for the preferred social network of young people, is to present its moderation practices and systems as transparently as possible to government experts in all European countries.

Here is in detail what TikTok wants to show in this center dedicated to transparency:

  • How they use technology to protect the TikTok community
  • The way TikTok moderation teams make their decisions, based on community rules specific to the social network
  • How moderation teams use technology to detect potential violations of rules and practices imposed by TikTok
  • To what extent the content authorized on the platform conforms to the values ​​advocated by TikTok

In fact, the social media site specializing in short-form videos has come under increased scrutiny and has already faced a hail of various criticisms over its content policies, as its popularity continues to grow.

In the United States, concerns were about the risk of censorship and the security of user data, given that the platform is owned by a Chinese tech giant, and is subject to internet data laws set by the Internet. Chinese Communist Party.

In Europe, lawmakers, regulators and civil society have raised a wider range of concerns, including over child safety and data privacy issues.

In fact, at the end of April, the former Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, announced that she was taking legal action against TikTok, which she accuses of collecting data on children at a ” industrial scale ”, which the social network denies outright.

Due to the health restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Center for Transparency and Accountability will initially operate virtually. But from June 2021, it will in theory be possible to welcome visitors. The objective, for TikTok, is for the center to be fully operational at the start of 2022. And Cormac Keenan specifies, at the end of his message, that he is eager to welcome experts, politicians, and members of civil society, to show them that TikTok continues its efforts to find new innovative methods and improve its moderation, security, and all its data protection systems.

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