You can also opt for a pro subscription at You can choose from a student version (€1.80 per month), a personal version (€2.67 per month) or a business version (€4.45 per month). With your free account you can download your templates, but only in low quality. is a useful platform if you want to quickly create a simple infographic, with a chart or table.

Juice box

Finally, we have Juicebox . That’s a Juice Analytics workshop. Juicebox is organized slightly differently than the other platforms. This platform is focused on visualizing data and not so much on designing an infographic. You start by creating a new project. There is one template for an infographic. You can also choose to start with a blank page. Then give a short description of your topic. Finally, choose a color scheme and a font. You can adjust this later during editing with your own color codes.

This platform is more suitable if you want to show a lot of data in your infographic. You can easily upload a CSV or Excel to create tables or graphs. The infographic is easy to adapt in Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists terms of content, but is visually less attractive. Where, for example, Canva has a wide range of moving images and stickers, this is not the case with Juicebox. Also, you can’t download the infographic. The idea is that you forward a link to anyone who wants to see it. So you keep the infographic in the workshop. Due to the limited possibilities, there is also no paid version.

Sales Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists

Do you want to quickly display data in a nice jacket? Then this is a good platform. Are you looking for a website to create a beautiful infographic with blocks of text, objects, etc.? Then this is not the platform for you.

Keep it simple

With this website you can get started making infographics yourself. But don’t underestimate it. A good infographic takes a lot of time. You want to share a lot of information with as little text as possible. An important tip from me is therefore: keep it simple and clear. During the visualizations, the combinations of various shapes, colors and stickers may be super attractive. Ask yourself whether this really adds value to your infographic.

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