John Verhoeven maps these overarching megatrends in his article .

He summarizes them in 3 major value shifts :

  1. There is more trust in companies than in governments or NGOs for bringing social change. Only companies are seen as sufficiently competent and ethical.
  2. Diversity is a must, and is about both equality of opportunity and professionalism.
  3. Functions become fluid. The traditional image of how a professional looks and behaves is changing.

They are big themes. A coat rack that many other hot topics in the communication profession can hang on to.

2. How do you regain trust?

“Unreliable and unethical”, that’s a lot to think of your CIO & CTO Email List own government. John Verhoeven cites the annual Edelman Trust Barometer from 2021 in his article, and it does not lie. The Barometer shows that citizens have more confidence in companies than in governments and NGOs. They judge governments as incompetent and unethical. Just like the media. In general we consider NGOs reliable, but in our view they are incapable of solving social problems. These are the companies on which our hopes seem to be for the desired social change. And that gnaws at our democratic foundation.

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* The Barometer 2022 has now also been published. It can be seen that the trend with regard to mistrust of media and government will also continue in 2022.

Talking about principles

So much goes wrong in the entire system of politics and government – ​​communication cannot be corrected. “What about our government communication?” Renata Verloop sighs in her article. We need to talk about our principles, she concludes. Nowadays, the communication industry revolves too much around reputation, positioning and profiling. Time to go back to basics. After all, who does the government work for? The society. It is necessary to return to the human scale.

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