In this episode of this old marketing. Therefore, Robert and I consider some new research that suggests that certain types. Marketing work will be replaced by machine automation within 10 years. Is your job at risk? Next, we’ll talk about the impact of Viacom. Therefore, new branded content agency and get excited about the storytelling potential of the Facebook South Africa Phone Numbers canvas. Finally, I’m fascinated by the BBC’s research. ToAtomize” news articles and allow readers to choose their own deep exploration. Paths through news articles. Abuse and acclaim include. Therefore, chick-fil-a’s clever “Cell phone shed”, is a hassle-free solution to LinkedIn group  South Africa Phone Numbers admins’ self-promotion. Rita Gunther McGrath’s analysis of yahoo’s. Problems.

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With the miller electric example. Therefore, this week’s show (live recording on March 4, 2016; length: 1:01:40) download. This week’s pnr this old marketing podcast. If you enjoyed the PNR podcast. We would appreciate South Africa Phone Number it if you could rate it on iTunes or post a review. 1. Content marketing in the news half of all marketing jobs will be replaced by. Machine intelligence (4:09): this article by martech advisor summarizes. Recent research on the growth of machine intelligence and its potential. Impact on marketing. The bottom line: marketing strategies and planning positions are not at South Africa Phone Number risk, but support tasks are at risk. According to. A study released by us department of labor, market research.

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This technology reaches South Africa Phone Number us much faster than we expect. So be prepared! Viacom launches branded content agency (14:21): Viacom believes it has. The creative expertise and delivery footprint to help. Advertisers go beyond standard commercials. That’s why we recently launched the velocity. Content network. It is an in-house unit of 20 people. Creates and distributes branded content across social platforms, digital South Africa Phone Number platforms, and tv. Robert sees this as yet another step in uninter mediating. Major media agencies, as advertisers and networks are becoming. More and more directly linked to each other.

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