It’s too vague. Too big. You need to dive much deeper into the details and answer questions like: what types of customer conversations happen most often? Which of these conversations are the most predictable (meaning they only ever lead to the same two or three outcomes)? Which ones have the lowest stakes, so that when the bot isn’t perfect, it’s not going to bother your customers? Building chatbots to automate these common, predictable, low-stakes interactions will dramatically increase their effectiveness. Rule 2: empathy is about anticipating needs, not saying nice things intercom’s mission is to personalize business on the internet. But how do you ensure that an automated interaction,

Which Will Happen in the Same Way for

Hundreds or thousands of people, is always personal? We strongly believe that automated interactions can still be empathetic interactions B2B Email List but empathy isn’t always what you think. The best customer support experience I’ve ever had was with (surprise, surprise) apple. My aging macbook had a battery that was just recalled. I received an email from apple notifying me of the recall and telling me what to expect next. The next day a foam lined box arrived at my doorstep and was the perfect size for my laptop. There was a sheet of paper inside with simpl

Instructions for Packing the Box and Arranging a Pickup

B2B Email List

It promised my laptop would be back within 48 hours. The courier showed up quickly and took my computer away. 36 hours later another courier was knocking on my door to return it, fresh battery installed, charged and ready to go. “The experience was empathetic as all my needs were anticipated and met when I barely had to lift a finger” I have never felt so supported by a tech support experience before or since, and at no time have I interacte

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