Most corporate website visitors do not interact, so it is important to clearly verify why. What can you do to encourage these interactions and build your relationship with your prospect? Using detailed goal tracking in tools like Google Analytics is extremely important here to understand what is working and iterate on your approach.

happy customers are part of our marketing arsenal through reviews, social shares and referrals.

I especially like RACE as a starting point for a more strategic approach because it’s so easy to apply it to a single channel like SEO, or even local SEO. Diving with a high-level overview like SOSTAC is a worthy exercise but can take time and resources to do well. It may also be overkill for small businesses that simply want better local visibility.

RACE, on the other hand, scales from the Germany Phone Number top down – so as a starting point for a more strategic approach, it tends to be a more sensible starting point.

We don’t want to get into strategy and run out of steam before we reach the finish line. Starting small and seeing results only helps to gain greater buy-in for more comprehensive planning and measurement.

The importance of strategy and planning

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It’s simply not possible to provide a comprehensive overview of these processes in a single blog post, but my goal here is to illustrate the importance of strategy and identify a few methodologies we’ve used at Bowler Hat. to help customers big and small across the UK. . I appreciate your feedback on Twitter and LinkedIn and may cover any of these topics in more detail in an upcoming post.

For digital marketers, I highly recommend looking at these two models, and would love to hear about any frameworks or models you’ve used for digital marketing planning within your own organizations. From local businesses to SMEs and startups, SOSTAC and RACE provide a structured way to plan, measure and improve your digital marketing.

Here’s a more strategic approach to SEO and digital marketing in 2016.

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