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we can also name other programs in which the layout is not really done, but what if they serve as support, as a tool, to add material to the content, such as adobe photoshop , with which we can prepare the images in the most optimal way possible, for later include them in our layout in illustrator. Crazy designs? Obviously not. As we should know, every design has an order in its execution, to carry out a correct layout in illustrator that is attractive. For this, it is important to take into account the following aspects to follow. 1.


The idea

It is the first point and the one that should be clearest, to carry out our editorial design, in which the theme of the magazine is established (technology, fashion, sports…). As well as the type of public to Lithuania Phone Number which it is direct , since this will mark the type of design that we will carry out later. Once these two concepts are establish, you have to think of a name that is striking . In addition to the logo of the magazine (if it is new and does not have one).

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A concept and sketches are creat , which can be very creative or sober and simple. 2. The cover. A very important part, if not the most, after the idea, since it is the face of our publication. So it must be well structur. In this part , the style matters more than the layout itself, in which daring is an important point. So it is purely creative, playing with sizes and colors of text, as well as with the main image. 3. The templates. That establish a unity in the different editions, that is, in carrying out different

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