YouTube is a great way to market your products or promote your business on the web. Some data confirms this. Today, 80% of internet traffic is linked to watching videos.

The platform is available in over 90 countries and translated into 80 languages. 62% of companies use a YouTube channel to post videos.

You have defined your objectives and your marketing strategy, you have the necessary human and material resources, you even have some ideas for scenarios to create high-quality videos or, better yet, videos already shot. So here is your little YouTube guide.

Some Tips for Launching and Growing Your You Tube Channel: You Tube Marketing

1—Create a branded account on YouTube
The first thing to do is to create an account on Google, but a branded account . If you open an account in your name and are therefore the holder of this account. You will therefore be the only person authorized to access it. By opening a branded account, it will be possible for other “authorized” persons to log in, including simultaneously, through their own Google account. You do not need a separate username and password. Your Nepal Email List account can have multiple owners and administrators.

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2 – Target the audience you are addressing on YouTube
“Google Analytics” is an extremely powerful tool that it is essential to know and learn to master. In addition, it is free. It makes it possible to analyze a large amount of information relating to the activity of your website or, in this case, of your channel.

Analytics will allow you to analyze the behavior of Internet users and measure the impact of your web marketing actions. It allows to :

– know who watched,

– follow the course of Internet users on your website,

– know the number of visitors (single or regular),

– know what they viewed, what they “clicked” on …

All of this information is valuable from a marketing standpoint. They allow you to better understand your “audience”, to check the relevance of your assumptions, your actions and your “images”. And to make improvements or modifications if necessary.

Open Your Eyes and Ears Wide

Making videos takes time, thought, creativity, money. But as magnificent and efficient as the result, your creation is a drop in the ocean of imagination and innovation. So open your eyes and ears wide to see what others are doing. Look at what your competition is doing, but not just that. Good ideas are transferable, changeable, adaptable. Watch images on the web, read comments posted, learn how certain competitors interact with their subscribers, try to analyze what made a video so successful… It’s not about being overwhelmed by information, but to capture, through your own reading grid, what is relevant and generates added value for you. And dare to “experiment”.

4 – Improve the SEO of your YouTube videos
You’ve created your channel and published your first videos on the web. Problem, it does not jostle at the gate and the number of views is symbolic. Worse, it is stagnating. It’s frustrating, but that’s usually the way it is. It should be understood that, every hour, on YouTube, 30,000 hours of videos are added. Complicated, therefore, to distinguish oneself.

Even if the video is of good quality (it absolutely must be!), That is not enough. You have to work on improving the natural referencing of your videos so that they rise in the search results (SERP, Search Engine Result Page) of Google or YouTube.

To Refine Seo, It Is Important To:

– take care of its title by ensuring that it incorporates relevant keywords, but which are consistent with the content of the video,

– write a description. It must be 300 words or more. Its content must be rich, detailed, original (no copy / paste) and contain good keywords,

– create links on social networks, on your website,

– concoct and broadcast extracts, trailers, “teasers”,

– take care of your “thumbnail”, the small image that illustrates your video to make you want to click on it,

– add well-chosen (relevant) hashtags to your videos,

– simply ask the Internet users who have watched the video to comment, to “like”, to subscribe, because this “activity” is taken into account by the algorithms.

Take Care of The Presentation

Getting your creations out right on the web is important, but don’t forget to make sure your channel is engaging. The banner must be neat. This already implies respecting the size of the images recommended by YouTube: 2560 x 1440 pixels. Also be sure to stay below 4MB. Fill out your profile properly and completely. The general presentation must also be harmonious, consistent with your content. Consider offering Internet users to subscribe.

Create playlists. This encourages your viewers to watch several of your videos in a row. You can also enrich it with links to your website, social networks, Facebook, for example, but also to channels that you feel close to or that you simply like.

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