Make use of the 80/20 rule 80% of the outcomes can be. Explained by 20% of the causes ( Pareto principle ). Discuss carefully (and be honest about that too) which data and tools yield the most. Stay away from hyped tools and especially look for tools that integrate perfectly into current processes. 3. See where the overlap is or what you are still missing.

For years, scoring the best

What matters is that the tools used support your strategy and customer experience and do not get in the way. 4. Keep an eye on it There is a good chance that new tools and software will be introduced in 2022. This is how a trial is set up. Keep your finger South Korea Phone Number on the pulse. Optimizing your technology stack is not only important for cyber security (think Mediamarkt), but can also help with the site speed of your webshop.

The most striking December campaigns of 2021

We still throw random scripts into our code to collect more and more data. The result is an increasingly slower shop. 5. Green Ecommerce The climate summit has just ended and it is now clear that something really needs to be done. Think, for example, of shipping methods where you can also opt for delivery at a service point. Or that you can compensate for the CO2 used.

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