In Susie, a Taiwanese woman who has been married to a German for many years. Wrote that a Syrian colleague in her company happily took a book and told her one day that her poems had been published. Suzy was very happy for her. Although she  Syrian must have some regrets. The Taiwanese cannot understand her poems, and the emotions inside are only the smiles on her face; Susie will also regret that she can’t read them. Couldn’t share more deeply about the love between the lines.


 what cannot be overcome is the emotion that can be expressed

In the native language, and there are no equally expressive words in foreign languages. Sometimes chatting with Portugal Phone Number Germans, or speaking at seminars, I suddenly remember a dialogue from a fine policeman in “A Dream of Red Mansions”, and a gripping plot in “The Condor Heroes”, but I can’t translate it. of people did not resonate. Originally funny, they will feel heavy; ironic, but serious. It is impossible to understand these cultural allusions without having lived in another country and immersed in the culture there. A German outsider tells a classic German joke among a group of foreigners, but the audience is silent. It’s

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If people of other skin colors, it may not be easy to communicate

If even the children and their partners do not speak each other’s native languages. The two parents will need triple translation to meet each other, and they will be even more isolated. I remember that when I first came to Germany. My boss invited me to his house for a mid-day festival and showed me a comedy about East  In fact, this is not a film problem, but a different cultural This regret that I cannot share with the Germans is one of the Responsible editor: Alex Review editor: Alvin [Join Key Comments Network Member] Every day, wonderful and good articles will be delivered directly to your mailbox, and you will enjoy exclusive weekly editorial selections, current affai

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