Internet users spend an average of 6 h 42 minutes online each day and for some of them 1 h 15 minutes of this segment is reserved for popular social networks. If this data seems barely believable, wait for the rest. For the very first time, the budget reserved for digital advertising on all social media combined has exceeded that reserved for classic advertising, that is to say on televisions, radios and the printed press.

Suffice to say that the influence of social networks is constantly increasing and it is not in 2022 that the trend will be reversed. In this article, we will therefore present the social networks that we believe are the most popular this year.

Facebook, Essential Among Social Networks in 2022

Despite the decline in the reach of its publications as well as competition from other social networks in 2021, Facebook seems not to budge from its first place. In 2020, it has a little over 2.5 billion 500 million active users. If this number continues to increase, it is also because the platform does not fail to innovate. It should be noted that sponsored advertising on Facebook now goes beyond social networks; it extends to its partner sites which we call the Facebook Audience Network. In addition, we must not forget Instagram and Whatsapp very Faroe Islands Email List popular among young people who are both social networks bought by the giant Facebook.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s social network offers its active users many very popular features such as Facebook Canvas, live videos, stories as well as a multitude of advertising formats (Product Ads, local Awareness Ads, Messenger Ads, Leads Ads, Dynamic Ads, Whatsapp Ads…). Facebook, by purchasing Oculus Rift, has also resolutely embarked on the race for virtual reality.

Diversification is characteristic of dynamic companies, in this context, FB is hunting in the field of the collaborative platform Slack, which makes it possible to replace e-mails and facilitate exchanges by releasing its Workplace and Workplace chat tools. We will also mention the addition of the “Buy” buttons to soon compete with the other web giant: Amazon.

You Tube

With over 2 billion active users, YouTube is one of the leading social networks in the video content arena. This trend is more than likely to continue in 2021 as analysts announce that more than 80% of the information circulating on social media in 2020 will be videos.

In this area, we can therefore say that YouTube is in a good position and can always count on the innovations it brings to users. Indeed, it has launched several new ad formats, including Bumper Ads and Shopping Ads.

youtube ads

3D and 4K video, maps on videos at the end of playback, virtual reality, 360 ° video, live streaming, direct, 360 ° direct … are all changes that position YouTube as essential among social platforms in 2021.

Google, owner of the social video platform YouTube, is a gold mine for advertisers around the world who deliver relevant advertising content every day.

That’s over 1.5 billion users who use the Whatsapp messaging app and 9.6 million daily visitors.

The latest rumors indicate that in 2020, advertising could make its appearance in Whatsapp , which could make it unavoidable among social networks in terms of marketing, especially when we already know the importance of social media today. Each advertiser and marketer will therefore remain attentive to announcements concerning WhatsApp.

Instagram in 2022

Instagram has over 1 billion active users. Its success is also the result of the various changes that have been made. For example, with such an overwhelming number of subscribers, Facebook’s post algorithm is used. Therefore, it is the most relevant posts that enjoy the best visibility on the Instagram platform.

In addition, it is also to take into account the fact that advertisements on Facebook are now extended on Instagram, which energizes the two social networks. Instagram is also the new publication formats like Boomerang, stories, carousel, loops, stickers, slow motion, music… On the other hand, Instagram will have to face the meteoric rise of Tik Tok which we will talk about a little further down.

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