The most common problem is skin allergies. Patients will experience redness, swelling, itching. Other uncomfortable symptoms on the smeared area. It is recommended that the public try it. Before rubbing a new antiperspirant  body balm. Smear a small area on the skin in an inconspicuous place. After a period of time, if the skin on the smeared place has no allergic symptoms, you can use it with confidence.

Wei Yunlin It was hot in summer. Temperature was soaring at every turn. Miss Lin was dripping with sweat after walking two steps. Especially the underarm area of ​​her clothes was always wet. Which made Miss Lin feel very unsightly. There was a lot of sweat, and there was a peculiar smell.

Ms. Lin always troubled

Every summer, Ms. Lin always troubled. South Africa Phone Number Friends suggested that she can apply antiperspirant body balm to improve the annoying problem. Excessive sweating and odor. Is there a big difference between the two. Is the usage also different.The two machines are quite different Cai Changyou director of the Department of Dermatology at Shutian Clinic, said that antiperspirants are not the same as body balms.

Antiperspirants can temporarily block the secretion of sweat glands and reduce sweat. The main ingredient is aluminum salt compounds. When it is rubbed on the skin, Through the absorption of aluminum ions. The sweat ducts are temporarily blocked. Thereby reducing the perspiration of the sweat glands.

The difference in the antiperspirant effect of antiperspirants. Related to the concentration of aluminum chloride compounds. The concentration of aluminum salt compounds in antiperspirants. Market is about 15%. The higher the concentration. the better the effect of reducing sweat glands. A safe value, the concentration must be below 25%, if the concentration exceeds 25%, it is not suitable. Because it is easy to irritate the skin. Cause skin allergies, there will be allergic symptoms such as redness. Swelling and itching. As for body balm, it can only produce fragrance. Use fragrance to cover the unpleasant smell. just like rubbing perfume.

But it still depends on the individual’s sweating condition, and wiping antiperspirant is not immediately effective. Sometimes it takes several consecutive rubs. After the concentration of aluminum chloride compound accumulates. The effect will gradually appear.

Effect will be better

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Therefore, the antiperspirant should rubbed continuously. The effect will be better. In addition to the underarms. Antiperspirants are commonly used on hands and feet are prone to sweating. Some people’s feet are particularly prone to sweating, especially in hot summer. The sweat is stuffed in the socks, which is not only uncomfortable, but also If the hands are prone to sweating, it often affects daily work and writing.

Therefore, people with this problem will try to use antiperspirant to reduce sweating. Reduce the troubles of daily life. The use of antiperspirant is best after taking a shower every day and wiping off the water. Because the dirt accumulated on the skin after taking a bath has been washed away.  There no interference of residual sweat. Which can make the antiperspirant play its best role.

Good results. Before getting up the next day. And going out, if there is no smell of sweat. you don’t need to reapply. until after going out, when there is a smell of sweat.  you can reapply, but remember to dry The sweat first and then reapply. The effect is better. good. Body balm just masks the smell Body balm. because it is mainly used to cover up the smell. It is best to apply an appropriate amount to the required parts of the armpits.hands or feet after bathing or before going out. when the body is in a clean state. but be careful Yes. if there is not much sweat flow, you can dry the sweat and add some body balm. but if you sweat a lot, don’t use body balm in order to suppress the smell of sweat.

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