Influencer marketing has grown in importance for a few years now, and it is set to grow in the future. Every year, new social media platforms, new types of content and new ways for brands to interact with their potential customers emerge. The best influencersstay on top of the trends so that we can give brands what they need to shine. As the social media landscape evolves at an incredible rate, it is essential that influencers quickly harness the hottest trends in influencer marketing to develop their authority and expertise, and thereby make themselves more attractive to brands. . For their part, brands are rushing on these influencer marketing trends to expand their overall digital marketing strategy, but above all to expand their audience, generate new prospects and increase their visibility, notoriety, and income.

Consumer needs

After a special year 2020, during which many brands had to scramble to adjust their marketing and advertising campaigns to reach an audience suddenly stuck at home, 2021 offers a lot of promise. Not only have businesses learned that they can operate virtually, more and more people have turned to the internet to meet their Australia Mobile Number Database consumer needs.

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And as many traditional marketing methods have proven to be incompatible with the effects of a global pandemic, brands have sought out content creators and influencers who can create responsive content. While the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) reported a 20% drop in advertising during the year 2020,

According to Business Insider, influencer marketing will grow into an industry that will weigh more than $ 15 billion by 2022. So it’s no surprise that 60% of marketers plan to increase their marketing budgets. influence for this new year. As the popularity, demand and marketing spend increase for influencer marketing, it is important to pay attention to the new trends of 2021, and to focus your attention and ad spend, but also on influencer choice. which will succeed in boosting your brand image.

So, let’s take a look at the influencer marketing trends for 2021, through 15 key points, so you can build a successful influencer marketing strategy.

New social media platforms and new types of influential content will emerge

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that there is room for even more social media platforms. TikTok, which has had an exceptional year due in part to the pandemic, was not the only recent social app to stand out in 2020. Clubhouse, the audio social app and Reels, Instagram’s answer to TikTok, have also taken off and have a promising future.

Social media platforms have often learned a lot from the COVID-16 pandemic, making it easier for brands to create and deliver their content to consumers. These trends will continue throughout 2021.

Along with new social media platforms, we’re going to start seeing new forms of experimental media featuring AI-powered influencer marketing. So, Computer-Generated Influencers (CGIs) have already started to emerge, and as technology continues to advance, influencers will be offering Internet users even more types of shareable content with enormous viral potential.

Authenticity” will be the watchword in 2021

In recent years, there has been a strong attraction for so-called “authentic” content. This means that influencers need to be careful with their communication and the content they create for brands, to ensure that the products they use are going to resonate with their audience. This is something that brands should also watch out for. Even the most engaging influencers aren’t able to instill a feeling of frenzy in their followers if they don’t feel any interest in the product they are presenting. This does not benefit either the brand or the influencer, who risks losing their credibility in the eyes of their fans.

On the contrary, influencers and brands should seek collaborations with partners who have the same tastes and interests.

For most consumers, this means deeper connections with the influencers they follow as well as content focused on the value of the products or services they are presenting. The bonus for influencers is that their audience will trust them even more. For brands, bringing a value such as authenticity to their content is a sign of integrity. And integrity is a quality that makes brands attractive to consumers.

Brands will seek permanent partnerships, rather than one-off projects

Throughout 2021, expect brands and influencers to come together for long-term projects and communications strategy, rather than one-off sponsored posts. There are several reasons for this strategic change, but the main one is that it takes time to close a sale. Even influencers with highly engaged and responsive audiences will find it difficult to make a real contribution to the brand they collaborate with if they are prompted to publish a single sponsored post on their blog. If you want to capitalize on this influencer marketing trend, we recommend that you create packages that you can sell to brands looking for your services. These will include several sponsored posts over a given period, much like what brands tend to do for their ad campaigns on Facebook or other platforms. This type of ongoing partnership can also help you forge closer ties with an influencer marketing network or agency, and boost your legitimacy and reputation as an influencer that matters.

 Micro and nano-influencers also matter

There are different types of influencers, classified by the size of their community. There are, for example, nano-influencers with only a few thousand subscribers, but also famous influencers who have millions of them (so-called mega and macro-influencers). What we can see, however, is that micro-influencers, especially those with less than 25,000 followers, have the highest engagement rates, which stand at almost 7%. Since engagement rates on Instagram are dropping right now, these influencers, whose followers are hyper-engaged, are highly courted by businesses, even though they have a fairly low number of followers compared to star influencers.

By focusing on nano and micro-influencers, brands can work with influencers deeply connected to their audience, while these modest influencers will have the opportunity to find new partnerships with a growing number of brands.

Influencers will become more and more specialized in 2021

We’ve seen influencers focus on niches before, and this is one influencer marketing trend that’s set to gain momentum. Influencers will thus continue to develop their expertise in their niche or a given sector of activity, which will have the effect of making them even more in demand by the brands present in these sectors. As an influencer, it might be time to think about which areas you are most passionate about and start considering partnering with brands that match whatever direction you choose.

As influencers become more specialized, we’re definitely going to see some semantic changes in the influencer marketing world. Some influencers now prefer to be called “creators” or “content creators”. Since a lot of influencers are real artists – photographers, videographers, writers, etc. – it’s no surprise that they want to be recognized for what they really do instead of being lumped together as ‘influencers’.

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