Shopify is a powerful and increasingly popular e-commerce platform that can help you easily create and start an online store. Luckily, Shopify has a large number of tools and apps that should help you achieve your business goals. Most of these apps can be found in the Shopify App Store, which has over 4,000 apps developed by Shopify and third-party companies.

These apps (free and paid) are designed to improve the functionality of your store in marketing

inventory management, shipping methods, SEO, dropshipping, secure payment, load speed optimization , etc. With so many options out there, however, it can be difficult to choose the ones that best suit your business, especially depending on its size and industry.

So we have compiled a list of the 20 best Shopify apps, essential to take you to the next level in the field of online sales. As you will see, most of the apps Israel Phone Number List presented have a specific function, which aims to solve a specific type of problem.

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The vast majority of apps are free, at least during the first few weeks of use. Most of them offer plans with progressive monthly rates, so everyone can find their way.

Table of contents of our top 20:

Oberlo, for dropshipping
PageFly, to build efficient product pages
Growave, to optimize your marketing
Yotpo, to collect product reviews
Free Traffic & Easy Ads, by Sixads, to optimize your ads on social networks
AfterShip, to track your deliveries
Social Media Stream, by SmartFox, to bring all your social networks together on Shopify
Google Channel, to boost your visibility on Google
Auto Currency Switcher, to convert currencies
SEO plug-in, to refine your natural referencing
Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay, to analyze and understand how your customers behave
Sumo, to enrich your email list and increase your conversions
Instagram Shop BY SNPT, the special Instagram application
Return Magic, to facilitate product returns, to optimize the images of your online store
Xporter, to export your data
PDF Invoice: Order Printer +, to produce perfect invoices
Size Chart for Shopify, so you don’t get the wrong size
Shoelace, for retargeting
VITALS, 40 applications in one!

Oberlo, for dropshipping

Oberlo is without a doubt one of the best Shopify apps for finding new products to add to your online store. It is also a house app offered by the Shopify App Store . With this application, the products ordered by your customers will be delivered to their homes, directly from your supplier’s warehouse.

The advantage is that the seller does not have to worry about packaging or shipping the products.

With Oberloo, you will be able to follow your orders in real time thanks to a dedicated tool integrated into the app. The control and management of your stocks and deliveries is done in the blink of an eye. You also have access to a sales table that allows you to monitor your sales day after day and measure the success of your online store.

Another interesting advantage provided by this application developed by Shopify is the possibility given to sellers to personalize the product pages of the goods they offer, for example by modifying the images, description, title, etc.

The good news is that Oberlo offers a free basic plan called “Explorer”. For $ 7.90 per month, you’ll get trend reports that can give you inspiration. And then with the “Boss Plan”, billed $ 29.90 monthly, Oberlo provides you with powerful tools capable of taking your business to the next level.

PageFly, to build effective product pages

Here’s another app from the Shopify App Store. With PageFly, you will be able to create efficient and easy to use pages, thanks to a “drag and drop” technique that anyone is able to handle.

This Shopify app will also give your pages optimal speed – PageFly is also highly rated by Google Page Speed ​​Insights – so that they load quickly.

As this product is developed and designed by experts at Shopify, you can count on full and high level functionality.

You have the possibility, for example, to create any type of page, whether it is a home page, product, contact, price, referral for promotions or sales, FAQ pages, article of blog, etc.

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