Today, to achieve its business goals, owning a website has become a basic need for any business. To make this site visible in the internet space, the optimization of natural referencing techniques plays an important role. So, if you want to rank your site in a good position in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), you must apply an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategyrelevant, which is also called in French the “natural referencing”. However, since the business owner usually has to focus on other important aspects of his business, he can sometimes tend to overlook this type of optimization. However, to obtain a high ranking / referencing on Google pages, the vast majority of commercial websites and e-commerce have understood the interest of entrusting their natural referencing to professionals, because they know the techniques. and the methods you need to implement to garner a high ranking for your website and attract potential customers.

In addition, there are many other benefits of working with an SEO agency, and this is what we’ll take a brief look at, before discovering our top 20 SEO agencies.

SEO Improves the Quality and Visibility of Your Website

As we stated above, Search Engine Optimization has become a vital requirement for every website. Previously, only large groups used the services of SEO agencies to better rank their website in the search engine results pages (SERP). But currently, on the web, all companies are in competition, from the smallest to the largest. For this reason, SEO has become an essential part of achieving the highest possible rankings and visibility that can make your brand known globally online. This can only be possible by using the services of an SEO agency that will improve the visibility of your site in search engines,

SEO Agencies Have The Experience You May Not Have

Whether you’ve read many blogs and articles on SEO methods and strategies, or know a few things about it, doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly become an expert in SEO techniques. As in all areas, experience matters a lot, and also applies to Cyprus Email Addresses SEO. If you want to see your business at the top and have a big turnover, haphazard experiments and other assumptions won’t work.

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It is for this reason that you absolutely must work with an SEO agency, because only they can provide you with a qualified and experienced team. These professionals will go out of their way to rank your website all the way to the top of the first Google page, because they know and apply all possible techniques to achieve your goal. In addition, this type of collaboration will allow you to deal with some unexpected changes, like algorithm updates or even penalties, all of those things that can turn out to be nightmares for your e-business if you don’t know them. a lot.

SEO Agencies Will Help You Get Better Results
As we mentioned above, you will no longer need to apply ideas with uncertain consequences that could put your business at risk. If you hire the best SEO professionals for your website, it will get good rankings on search engine pages pretty quickly. A good SEO agency with many years of experience will be able to assess your site, your goals and your competition, and create a comprehensive plan to increase your visibility in search engines. They will be able to track your progress and adjust their strategy if necessary to achieve the best results.

Our top  SEO Agencies

Our agency has solid expertise in SEO optimization. Our teams know all the levers allowing them to gain valuable places in the results of search engines like Google.
By displaying your “business” keywords, we will allow your website to appear favorably in order to more effectively capture your targets on the web. Opt for an efficient digital strategy by entrusting your presence to our SEO experts.

1. Eskimoz
The SEO Eskimoz agency is located in Boulogne-Billancourt, relies on proximity to its customers and you can count on it throughout your natural referencing project. At Eskimoz, content is king and the agency in the inner suburbs of Paris can boast of offering Web semantics adapted to each type of website. Thanks to their team of professionals, you will be able to place your site on the first page of Google searches in the long term and take care of your e-reputation. Eskimoz also has unique expertise in lifting the famous penalties imposed by Google, which can be very frustrating for your online business. So rather than trying to look for hypothetical solutions in your area, trust the experts!

At the end of each mission, Eskimoz sends you a complete report which details the actions undertaken and also offers a follow-up of your project.

This agency specializing in SEO and established in Paris since 1998 – but also in Miami! – has significant experience, as evidenced by the impressive number of clients with whom she has worked for twenty years. announces its objective without detour: to place your website on the first page of the Google search engine. For this, these SEO experts have many techniques and tips: Speed ​​of your site, Google Ads advertising campaigns, optimization of your textual content and technical optimization of tags, etc. Specialized in SMEs and TPE, is nevertheless able to work for structures of all sizes.

In addition to its SEO offer, the Parisian agency offers the usual services that go hand in hand with natural referencing: SEA, website creation, implementation of a digital strategy, and even training.


Primelis presents an offer that can be summed up in just 4 words: SEO / SEA / Social / Display. This agency based in Levallois-Perret prides itself on offering one of the best SEO expertise in the Parisian market, with in particular “a scientific approach and an innovative vision of SEO”. Whether it is for an audit (identification of the potential of your website, adoption of a strategy), SEO management (precise support by Primelis SEO experts), or the creation of content that will help you achieve your goals. commercial objectives, Primelis is chosen each year by many start-ups and large groups. Among its most prestigious clients are Allianz, habitat, Etam, Krys, American Express, etc. Its team of nearly fifty employees is dynamic and passionate.

4. SEO Hackers
This agency based in Paris and in several large cities in France such as Lyon, Bordeaux or Marseille exhibits an ambitious slogan: “5-star natural referencing”. It promises you to increase the visibility of your website and increase your traffic thanks to high-level advice, services and software solutions. SEO Hackers offers you a host of services that take your site to another dimension: audit, netlinking strategy (SEO technique which aims to improve your visibility by multiplying hypertext links), optimization of your e-commerce , action on your SEO at the international level (multilingual referencing), specific referencing for mobile use, e-reputation, etc.

5. The Web Agency
This SEO agency is based in the town of Levallois-Perret, between the Seine and the ring road, and on the edge of the 17th arrondissement. These professionals will be able to help you in many areas and their Google Partner Premium certification attests to an obvious know-how in natural referencing, but also paying. The Web Agency is committed to improving your ranking on the pages of the main search engines in order to boost the growth of your turnover. Thanks to its perfect mastery of the algorithms used by Google, the Levallois agency will be able to bring qualified traffic to your website, whatever your sector and your theme. As one of the Web Agency’s collaborators assures us, “Our DNA is ROIste”,

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