Forward-looking marketers content-strategy-robert-rose-cover “Short story.” if that sentence reminds you of cmi’s chief strategy officer, robert Russia Phone Number rose, you’ve probably followed content strategy for marketers. The weekly newsletter he started a year ago. Every saturday, subscribers tune in to his conversations, learn what he reads. Watches, or listens to, and discover, as he weaves one quick story into anothe. His latest insights into content Russia Phone Number marketing and content strategy. You can download an anthology of all the thoughts from robert’s content strategy for marketers, and read on to discover a sample of robert’s posts that. I found particularly thought-provoking, helpful and inspiring. (note: I have identifie.

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Edition in the applicable references so that you can Russia Phone Number more easily find the rest of the content in the e-book.) treat content as a strategic asset “content is perhaps the single most important business asset that. We fail to Russia Phone Number manage as well as possible,” says robert . What does it mean to treat content as a business asset – a strategic asset – and why should we do it?. We primarily rationalize the value of content against the priorities of individual business functions rather than the entirety of it. In other words, we view content as a feature of the business , not an ultimate strategic business value. Content created and well managed, many times over, defines a business. That’s why it’s so important.

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Content that is created and well managed, many Russia Phone Number times over, defines a business. That’s why it’s so important via robert_rose click to tweet the sheer volume and complexity of enterprise content makes processing content into. A strategic asset one of the greatest challenges of our time. “I believe a crisis is just around the corner for many Russia Phone Number enterprise marketers who are ramping up their content production efforts. We all know we have to produce content like a media company. But our current people, practices and technology are not there yet. –

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