Today, web Analytics – or Digital Analytics – is a key factor in digital marketing and the optimization of e-commerce sites. Web Analytics is based on traffic data collected by audience measurement and analysis solutions and tools. The analysis of this data will allow, among other things, Analytics experts to better understand how visitors interact with your website, to evaluate its performance, to identify its weak points, to know the sources of traffic to your site, and to have a precise idea on the scope of the SEO and marketing strategies that you have put in place.

The ultimate objective of a web Analytics action being of course to boost your sales and your turnover in the medium term.

Before calling an Analytics agency, carefully read our top below, to get a precise idea of ​​the best services and facilities in this area in Paris and in France.

1. Together

Analyze your data, understand your users and make better decisions for your business with an analytics agency

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2—? Mediaveille
This web analytics agency specializes in data marketing and web analysis. It identifies your potential for visibility in natural referencing, collects, analyzes and makes the best use of all your data. In doing so, the Mediaveille teams will succeed in boosting traffic to your Croatia Phone Numbers List website, optimizing your conversion rates and maximizing the performance of your marketing campaigns.

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Mediaveille’s data experts will deploy technical solutions more appropriate to your environment that will allow you to implement an efficient and profitable data analysis and strategy.

3—? Cybercity
With Cybercité, you will learn one thing: the digital ecosystem of your e-commerce makes it possible to capture a multitude of data, essential to improve your performance. This agency is certified “Google Analytics Partner”. Its consultants are skilled in measuring the performance of your marketing objectives and ROI. They can assist you in defining your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and in setting up your branding plan and your dashboard.

4—? Digital Power

Power Digitale is an Analytics agency that has both technical and analytical expertise that can help your business better understand the challenges of your industry, and provide you with the appropriate solutions to improve your marketing efforts. rational, data-driven way. Among their services, we distinguish the Google tagging plan and the Google tag Manager tracking plans, the possibility of performing an e-commerce tracking audit and of course the analysis of Google Analytics data.

5— Open Linking
With this high-level Analytics agency, your company will benefit from web Analytics services that will allow you to better monitor, manage and optimize all of your marketing actions with Google Analytics and other tools for measuring your audiences.

Open Linking and its employees put all their experience and know-how in web analysis at the service of their customers, in order to offer them relevant solutions for audience measurement and profitability.

6— ?staenk

To measure the profitability of your website, and in particular the return on investment (ROI), call on the services of Staenk, a web Analytics agency, certified Google Analytics, which has all the skills in data analysis to help your company to achieve its goals. Thanks to the work of their teams, you will be able to accurately measure your website traffic, know user interactions, your acquisition and better understand how your online content and information are viewed.

The web Analytics agency is an expert in the use of the Google Analytics data analysis tool, whether it is to track the traffic of your e-commerce site, the sources of traffic, the details of conversions, or specific indicators such as the bounce rate. consultants will first study and analyze your website, then configure it in order to optimize data collection, and finally, send you a report that will help you decipher the analysis of data performed.

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