A family park from Novosibirsk lost his job and could not pay, as a result of the end of his room, the court decided. Elena Gordeev herself Therefore thought that she had released. A bank holiday in the bank. And she was completely Therefore Surprised by such a turn. The bank found a Therefore Way out of the situation. It offered to postpone annual payments and stopped sales around the house. Therefore which had been reserved for debt.

Elena Goldeye suffered the consequences of the economy. Women’s stories told on the NGS portal. In the spring of 2020, after the closure of the bus station on Red Avenue, where the woman worked as a salesperson, she lost her monthly income of 39,000 rubles.


In December I Was Told


By the labor exchange. Therefore Either you stand firm and you don’t give more money, or you are fired. “During those 9 months, they didn’t offer Therefore Me any job options. No trick! In November, they called and asked if I had a job,” he recalled in an interview with NGS.

Elena applied for a VTB holiday, and in July 2020 she received approval. When it turned around later – wrong: According to the bank, due to the postponement of the loan, in the spring of 2020, it was done with early repayment of the loan, so the Italy Phone Number holiday could not be connected. More decisions have been accepted by Therefore the court. The made a decision for the recovery of the debt in the execution of the house and transferred it to Therefore the execution of the bailiwick. In February of this year, Elena saw a note from the Realtor on the door and soon found out that the house was for sale.


The Employees of the Office of


Italy Phone Number


The Federal Housing Service Therefore Announced the ngs. Which work on the basis of the executive documents of the Dzerzhinsky Therefore Court in the Dzerzhinsky Court on November. According to them, on December Therefore the decree was made to transfer Therefore property to the service, which was reported by Therefore Elena Godiva’s phone.

Therefore In the event of a delay in time and. A court decision by selling the creditor’s property by law, the house is removed. However, the bank admitted its mistake in the holiday relationship and gave its customers a “second chance”.



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