Improving the conversion rate of a website is a real challenge for any business. To help them in this task, marketers develop effective strategies on a daily basis to attract and convert more and more customers. Among all these techniques, there is the AARRR framework. This model is used in a “ growth hacking  ” strategy in  order to better understand the purchasing journey of customers. In this article, we will explain what it is, and how to use it for your business to increase your turnover.

Aarrr Framework: What Is It Exactly?

AARRR is an acronym that represents the 5 stages of a customer’s lifecycle: Acquisition Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue. It is a marketing method developed to allow companies to better understand the journey of their Qatar Email List customers, but also to measure the conversion rate of their websites. By integrating it into your digital marketing strategy, you can quickly increase your turnover.

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Accurate and effective, this growth hacking tool will also help you better understand the purchasing journey of your brand’s users. For example, you carried out a first action (Acquisition), which enabled you to have a large number of visitors. It’s a good thing, but you don’t have to stop here. Why ? Quite simply because your goal is not to have visitors, but loyal buyers, who allow you to generate recurring sales.

Thus, once you have passed the first of the 5 steps of the AARRR framework, you will still have a lot of work to do. Note that the last two steps of the AARRR matrix (Retention and Income) are interchangeable.

Where Does Aarrr Come From?

dave Mcclure is an entrepreneur and Business Angel from California who founded the business accelerator 500 Startups. It is to him that we owe the term AARRR, which he pronounced during a seminar held in 2007, called “Startup Metrics for Pirates”. This Californian entrepreneur perfectly masters the world of startups and it is his extensive experience in this field that allowed him to establish the 5 metrics that summarize the business model of startups.

The different stages of the AARRR customer journey
Acquisition, all the methods to have more traffic
Each stage of a customer acquisition involves a set of strategies, including:

Content Marketing :

Content marketing, is based on the production of qualitative and engaging content. It’s an effective strategy that can help you attract more leads and convert them to customers. As customers are more and more demanding and seek advice before buying a product or service, marketers do not hesitate to offer them high added value content.

– Referencing : there are two types of referencing. Natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA). SEO is an organic method, consisting in optimizing the position of a website in Google search results. SEA consists of having the same result, but paying.

– Display : it is a form of digital advertising, making it possible to display advertisements on a web page sharing the same areas of interest as those of the advertiser. The goal is to use a site with a strong audience to promote your brand. You only pay for the advertising space used.

– Newsletter retargeting : the aim of this method is to encourage Internet users who have visited a website to take an interest in an offer relating to their areas of interest and to take an action.

– Email marketing : this is a tool that helps acquire and retain a customer. How it works ? The advertiser sends targeted offers by email to a set of prospects, according to their needs. These prospects will be more inclined to go to the company’s web page to discover its various offers. This can be by one-off mailing or when subscribing to a newsletter.

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