What is Google Discover? What do you have to do to appear in it? And why is it important to pay attention to this application from Google? Answer all your questions in this article. Google Discover is a news feed from Google. To go here, just open the Google app on your smartphone. Both on Android and Apple. The articles appear without you having entered a search query.

What does the future look like?

New on Frankwatching This is how you use customer data as part of a first-party data strategy ma Measuring = knowing: this is how you make your brand top of mind ma 15 extremely good contact pages you should have on your own website ma How frustration took us to space Norway Phone Number like this Content marketing is too complex sat It shows articles based on your search history and your interests. It is also possible to follow certain interests (such as sports, celebrities, financial articles or locations).

When should I pay attention

You can even indicate whether there are themes that you do not want to see articles about. This way you can completely personalize a Google Discover feed. Think of apps like Netflix. Based on your searches and your viewing habits, Netflix will also give you some recommendations. This is how Google Discover also wants to work. Google Discover logo That is the biggest difference between Google Search and Google Discover. In Search, users enter a specific search term to find information on their question.

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