According to the latest figures, there are 1.7 billion active websites on the internet, having a website today is essential for any business.

Despite the multitude of technological solutions that allow you to independently build a website ( CMS ), companies sometimes need a unique website designed by experts from a web agency.

In France, it is in Paris that most of the country’s digital agencies are concentrated, this is obviously due to the fact that Paris is the capital of France, but it is also because the city is a true technological hub.

The most innovative technological startups, such as the Station F and Blablacar incubator , are located in the heart of Paris.

However, faced with this concentration of digital agencies in Paris, it can be difficult for you to choose one to support you in your company’s digitalization process.

In this article, we are going to make a list of the 20 best web agencies in Paris. Before getting to the heart of the matter, we’ll explain the importance of hiring a web agency.

What Can a Web Agency in Paris Bring to Your Business?

A web agency in Paris is more than just a web design company. The design of a quality website goes beyond the appearance of the site, it must also take into account the user experience or what is called UX in technical language. Your New Zealand Email Database customers are as unique as your brand, and their experience cannot be optimized with a simple website built with a CMS and a basic theme.

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A web agency provides all the services that directly and indirectly affect the design of a website, therefore, it usually consists of a team of highly qualified people who put their design skills to good use. graphics, programming, natural referencing, copywriting and digital marketing 360.

Here are the top web agencies in Paris:

Leverage digital intelligently to grow faster than your competitors

1- Useragent

Useragent is one of the leading mobile marketing consultancies, helping companies develop tailor-made solutions for smartphones, tablets and “Smart TVs”. UserADgents is the only French web agency to cover all the issues surrounding nomadic terminals. Created in 2008, the agency is made up of more than 20 experts who are involved in both consulting and conception, design and ergonomics, development and maintenance, distribution and promotion of mobile services.

2- Lonsdale
Founded in 1961, Lonsdale is one of the oldest design agencies in Paris. It offers its services in France and internationally. She stands out for her strength of proposal towards her clients and her ability to make a difference when entrusted with a mission.

His expertise includes graphic design, visual identity design, branding, UX / UI design of your website.

3- Equinoa
Web agency in Paris, Equinoa supports its clients in developing their digital strategy.

To optimize the online presence of these clients, this agency specializing in digital strategy favors a global approach in order to master all the technical challenges of the modern web. For this, it provides its customers with specialized experts who implement effective and comprehensive solutions. The web agency offers services in natural referencing, web development, graphic design and website development, creation of mobile applications.

4- Walt

Walt is a web agency in Paris that helps businesses achieve their internet goals through consulting, web design and development, and digital marketing solutions.

Depending on the needs and objectives of their clients, they define an adapted digital strategy and apply it until the monitoring and reporting phase.

In addition, the web agency is Google Partener, Shopify and Mailchimp certified.

5- 50A
For more than a decade, 50A has been designing websites and mobile applications for its clients. It also offers services to companies for the creation of a digital strategy. This web agency in Paris manages the online reputation of brands and public figures and manages their pages and profiles on social networks. In addition, it also supports large companies in their digital transformation.

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