To succeed today in the business world, and in particular in digital commerce, it is essential to know both your strengths and weaknesses, but also the most remarkable characteristics and marketing strategies of competing companies, who compete with you constantly to attract the same target audience.

Therefore, knowing what competitive intelligence – or CI (competitive intelligence) – consists of and being able to implement this type of strategy can make all the difference between achieving hoped-for commercial success, and failing through too much of a commercial strategy. self-centered.

In other words, you have to assess and try to understand what your competitors are doing online, but taking into account how they are doing it and why they are doing it. This is the key to making better strategic and business decisions.

This process of collecting data and generating information on the main players in a sector of activity, carried out with the aim of supporting the managers of a company throughout commercial decision-making, is this is called competitive intelligence.

The different types of competitive intelligence tools

1. Website monitoring tools
The web monitoring tools will allow you to monitor and analyze the SEO activities of your competitors, as well as their web traffic and even their inbound links.

Thus, there are different tools like SEMRush, SimilarWeb, or Ahrefs, which are perfectly suited to determine the profitable strategies of your competitors, and which can therefore inspire you in the management of your site. Within your USA Phone Number List company, this type of tool should be of particular interest to your SEO team and your collaborators in charge of content marketing.


Focus on SEMRush:
SEMrush is a comprehensive online marketing software capable of helping you with SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media, and Content Marketing campaigns.

With SEMrush, you can quickly identify trends that are happening in your industry.

In addition to auditing your SEO and helping you improve your web pages, SEMrush offers you to identify valuable keywords for your campaign. You will discover the keywords used by your competitors and their ranking in the search engines. This gives you an abundance of information on how you stack up against the competition.

Focus on SimilarWeb:

SimilarWeb is the ad hoc instrument to monitor changes in your competitors’ traffic, as this tool allows you to analyze your site’s traffic and compare it to that of your rivals.

SimilarWeb is able to provide you with a wide variety of information about your competitors, encompassing several aspects: different sources of traffic, engagement rate, competitor sites that are performing, etc.

One of the interesting features offered by this tool is the ability to select two websites in order to compare their performance. For example, you can compare your traffic directly with that of one of your competitors at a given time.

Focus on Ahrefs:
Ahrefs is an impeccable tool for detecting changes in domain authority in the competition.

Depending on the industry of your business, most of your traffic will come from Google and your SEO will depend on a key statistic called “Domain Authority.” The higher your domain authority score, the higher the chance that your website will rank higher in search results.

Domain authority is therefore an essential variable to scrutinize, which you can do with Ahrefs, just using the URL of the website you want to analyze.

Social media monitoring tools

The social media watch offers to follow in real time the conversations that take place on the main social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, but not only. So you also want to know what is being said on blogs, forums, or review sites that are relevant to your business.

Thanks to monitoring tools for social networks, it is possible to collect and analyze each important mention for your company or your brand, and to know what Internet users are saying about your products, but also about your competitors.

Your marketing teams can use it to measure and optimize the impact of their campaigns as well as the engagement of their messages and their ROI. These tools are also interesting for performing competitive benchmarks on social networks and finding new influencers for your brand.

They can also be used to detect consumer insights that will allow you to make better strategic decisions in digital marketing.

Sproutsocial and Meltwater are two examples of effective solutions for this type of monitoring.

Focus on Sproutsocial:

Sproutsocial gives you the opportunity to compare your social performance and your presence against the best competitors in your industry. This tool provides you with reports on your rivals to track fundamental performance indicators such as audience growth, engagement rates, and post volume for each network. After that, all you have to do is compare these figures with those of your own profiles.

Thanks to this Social Listening solution, you will be able to easily assess your presence on social networks and view side by side the most important KPIs of your competitors and yours.

Focus on Meltwater:
The Meltwater solution is able to extract the information and insights necessary for you to manage your brand, understand your competition, and be aware of trends in your industry. This product is able to search and monitor billions of social media posts to gain insight into the sentiment of your consumers, the health of your brand and that of your competitors, to help you make informed strategic decisions. .

Media monitoring tools

Media monitoring allows you to keep an eye on the national and international online press.

The best media monitoring tools can help your business keep track of not only what is published about it, but also what is said about your competition and your market, through a keyword research system.

Marketing and communication professionals use media monitoring to analyze the perception of their brand in the press, to measure the performance of their communication strategy, but also to identify the strategies of their competitors that have worked well.

Media monitoring allows companies to stay informed on technological innovations and the main trends in their market, in France and abroad.

A tool like Meltwater, which we have already discussed, also allows you to keep a media watch by sending the latest news to your inbox every day. With this type of solution, you will receive email alerts quickly in the event of a crisis, so you can be quick to react to protect your online reputation.

Its ergonomic dashboard then helps you analyze the content reported by your monitoring, in order to identify peaks and possible anomalies, and to react accordingly.

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