Create targeted videos yourself. Last year we already saw a huge growth in smartphone video, and I expect that will not decrease next year. Cameras are becoming more compact and smarter, and editing apps are becoming more accessible.

In addition, there has been a huge growth in support for mobile content creation from social media recently, with YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels (fully developed for mobile video). As a result, companies will increasingly make in-company videos.

Don’t have the latest, best phone? Do not worry. You really don’t need the most expensive, best camera to make good videos with few resources. I think a good example is the British mobile filmmaker Cassius Rayner , who regularly films with his iPhone 6.

4. AI-in video editing

Video editing is changing very fast. A few years ago it was unthinkable to edit your video via web-based tech or an app. Yet it really goes there.

Several video editing programs are already doing a Accounting Directors Email Lists few things with AI. Have you heard of RunwayML ? This is a web-based editing program that uses machine learning to make editing a lot faster. The program recognizes movement, objects and moving people: something that used to take hours, or a greenscreen studio.

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There has also been a huge development in the field of video apps that make filming and editing with a phone or tablet more convenient and faster. Over the past year, I’ve seen several apps pop up that use AI technology in a video app. The VOCHI app , for example, recognizes people, so you can use cool filters over and around people. Obviously not as perfect as a professional motion designer would do, but this does promise a lot of cool things for the future!

Deepfakes/face swaps

And while we’re on the subject of AI and video editing, deepfake technology is developing at lightning speed. You are probably familiar with the deepfake videos of political figures. In October, De Correspondent released a video by Prime Minister Mark Rutte : “The story that the Dutch public never hears from the real Mark Rutte, but that is desperately needed to secure the future of our country and our children”.

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