When you set up a product, a service or just a website, you must take into account the real expectations of your customers to understand how to build an interface that meets their needs.

The best way to collect qualitative and quantitative feedback on your customers’ expectations is therefore to conduct a user test. This approach makes it possible to quickly solicit a large number of users, everywhere in France. A tester placed in real conditions of use will provide direct, spontaneous and frank feedback which will shed valuable light on his feelings.

To carry out these tests you can call on a specialized company who will carry them out for you, There are a lot of platforms that offer user testing services on the internet, Testapic is one of them. This leading site in France offers companies the opportunity to have their website tested by real users in a real-life situation, this feedback then used to optimize the sites and applications. The interest is to obtain a reliable evaluation in real conditions by real users.

To find out more, we will explain in this article what the Testapic SaaS platform consists of.

What Are User Tests?

User testing is important because it allows your design team to spot user experience issues. The aim is to correct the problems between what is South Africa Email List foreseen in the specifications and the actual conditions of use before the final product is put online.

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In order to set up user testing, a test plan must first be set up, then participants are recruited and they are invited to perform certain tasks on the product or service.

The results obtained are recorded and analyzed by the UX experts to produce results and recommendations. Ideally, user testing should be performed in every project, as it helps reduce the risk of abandonment, improves the sales process and therefore reduces sales costs.

About Testapic
Testapic is a SaaS user experience testing platform that obtains on-demand feedback on a product or service. The point is to have a product tested with real users, get feedback and fix product problems before its final launch. This service can be used by companies launching new products, marketers, UX and usability professionals, e-commerce sites or even mobile application developers.

If You Are a Business

As a business, you can visit the Testapic website and request a demo of their testing services. You need to fill out a form with details about your use case, name and contact details, work email address, and company name.

If you find their services useful, you can hire them for remote user testing of your website or mobile app. Depending on the use case, they help companies target the right customers from whom useful feedback can be obtained and user experience insights can be discovered.

After collecting user experience feedback and receiving answers to critical product development questions, you can move forward with service improvements.

The proposed formulas
Testapic which has been around since 2011 is a good choice if you are looking for a user testing tool. User satisfaction for this tool is quite high and it has a good number of positive social mentions.

They Offer Two Types of Accounts, Namely:

A turnkey study for complete support with support from A to Z by UX experts. This includes, among other things, access to a panel of 266,608 testers, testers samples segmented on 30 criteria and results accessible within 48 hours. The cost is 3500 euros per month.

A year-round autonomy package for regular test campaigns, launched and analyzed independently from Testapic’s SaaS platform. Creating and running a test is pretty straightforward, and you can get video results commented out aloud. A video test records the user’s screen while they are browsing independently and lets you learn more about their behavior.

Within the framework of questionnaires, users formalize written comments during their navigation reflecting their perception, their feelings and / or their understanding.

In a quantitative test, representative samples of users provide quantified data from closed-ended questions. You can create a test on all your digital interfaces: smartphones, desktops, etc., and check the response of your audience. With Testapic it is not necessary for your product to be finished to evaluate it. You can submit it to users on mockups or prototypes. You can even bring them to a competing site, to do a UX benchmark.

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