Just think of a good friendship. You don’t just share your success stories with each other, do you? Especially when a good friend asks ‘how are you?’, it is nice to also tell us what is not going so well. That strengthens the bond.

One more time:

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  • Create less content
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  • Go for less and ugly
  • 46 ideas to reuse your content
  • Storytelling trends
  • Share successes and setbacks

Language tips for content creators

A misunderstanding about copywriters? ‘A copywriter writes flawless Dutch.’ According to Nicol Tadema , this is simply not true, for 2 reasons:

  1. Many copywriters are deliberately incompetent when it comes to following writing rules. And so copywriters occasionally make deliberate spelling mistakes. Or do they start a sentence with ‘and’, ‘because’ or ‘because’. Sometimes that just benefits the conversion. In the field of copywriting, therefore, anything is possible.
  2. A rock-solid copywriter can do magic with words. So an average copywriter easily spoons up all kinds of spells. Language rules? The copywriter often does not know this through and through. Let alone being a language purist. And you don’t have to. As long as he knows a very good proofreader who checks the created copy so that every text goes to the client without errors.

Now I would like to add to these tips from Nicol Tadema myself that it is not grammatically wrong to start a sentence with and, because, but or because. This is a matter of taste Chief VP Compliance Email Lists and a trade-off that you make with a view to the flow of your piece. Is it a business item? Then it is advisable not to start a sentence with one of these words. This appears more informal to the reader.

Chief and VP of Compliance Email Lists

Please note : use the words because and but consciously! Using these 2 words can cause unwanted side effects. But, are you using them properly? Then you can play your readers hard, in a positive way.

Check yourself for sneaky words

Every writer has ‘favorite’ catchphrases . I myself have 2: of course and therefore. So, chances are, of course, you’ve come across these words a few times in this article. An important lesson I learned during the Creative Online Writing Training : be aware of your own catchphrases and read your texts accordingly. Or share your catchphrases with your counter reader.

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