The AI ​​Revolution Great Revolution All visionaries and thinkers agree: artificial. Intelligence (AI) will cause a major revolution in almost all sectors: new. Innovations, higher labor productivity, better products and services, smaller CO2 footprint and lower operating costs through job automation. To give you an idea: the World Economic Forum thinks that a net 5 million jobs will disappear in the coming years due to.

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Among other things, artificial intelligence, robotization, nanotechnology and 3D printers. Our future is largely determined by robots, machine learning applications and black box algorithms. This offers great opportunities and threats for people, organizations and society. Great opportunities Qatar Phone Number Amazon, for example, is a company that has long been using artificial intelligence to better serve customers, reduce costs and outsmart the competition.

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By largely automating Amazon Marketplace and equipping distribution centers with thousands of robots for order picking . We also see many new AI applications in healthcare that make healthcare better and cheaper with personalized healthcare . During exercise you will suddenly receive a message with: ‘Stop running for a while, you have a high risk of a heart attack. Contact your doctor.

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