Binoculars focused on mountains. 14. Agile entrepreneurship Flexible and resilient. But the changes around us are accelerating and becoming more unpredictable. So you have to step it up a bit. On the one hand, organizations must be fast and flexible (agile) to take advantage of offensive opportunities that present themselves due to changes in the market and society.

China first

On the other hand, organizations must have sufficient resilience and robustness to cope with the consequences of often large and unforeseen changes, such as with corona. Strategic agility becomes crucial for Ukraine Phone Number survival. This goes further than ‘agile’ working in a few HR or ICT teams. Digital transformation is helping with this and it is now gaining momentum. Digital Transformation Agile organizations are digitally driven organizations.

Contours of change

Simply because digitization leads to business processes that are more efficient and customer-oriented, to better internal and external communication, to new market opportunities and better financial performance. That is why agile organizations put a lot of energy into their digital transformation. With the arrival of cloud computing, mobile internet (5G),

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