Supermetrics is a tool that centralizes and automates the recovery of data from many marketing platforms. The goal is to be able to use the data and create personalized reports. We are going to introduce you to the different features of this powerful and efficient software.

Presentation of the tool
Founded by Mikael Thuneberg in 2009, Supermetrics automates reporting for PPC, SEO, social and web analysis. This tool offers you different products to analyze your marketing performance. It is a module to be used in particular with Excel and Google Sheets. The software makes it easy to create and customize dashboards and reports that combine data from all of these interfaces. In addition, all the data recovered from the different platforms is grouped together in one place.

Used by more than 400,000 users, the solution integrates with more than 70 platforms such as Google Analytics, Ads, Search Console, Facebook Ads or even LinkedIn Ads. This allows data to be compared between different platforms. You can, for example, Sudan Email List link your Analytics data to other metrics like Facebook, Bing, Twitter and Linkedin.

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This data is automatically updated to track your marketing performance in real time. Using this tool is a real time saver for companies since it automates reporting. You can also share your reports and metrics with other users and give them different levels of access.

Supermetrics offers you to test the software for free for 14 days with all the features.

Supermetrics for Google Sheets

This tool offers a working add-on for Google Sheets. It is in addition to your existing spreadsheets and metrics.

This software automatically retrieves data from the marketing platforms of your choice. This automates the manual transfer of data to avoid copying and pasting or manually importing CSV files.

It then allows you to generate reports, monitor your statistics and easily analyze your campaigns. We offer more than 30 predefined report templates to format your data.

You have the option to view and share your Google Sheets data. Statistics from all platforms are brought together in a single Excel table, so you can combine all these statistics. All reports and dashboards are fully customizable to achieve accurate reporting.

Install the extension
The add-on installs directly from your Google Sheets spreadsheet. The installation is quick, it does not require any specific technical knowledge. First of all, you need to install the module, for this you need to download the extension from the Chrome Web Store .

Then, all you have to do is select the source of your data, choose the marketing platforms that interest you, define a period and define the metrics you need. Once connected to the data source, you can start extracting statistics from that source. You can refresh the queries whenever you need to.


This software offers a free version which only gives you access to Google Analytics data. It also offers a pro plan for $ 99 / user / month and a Super Pro plan for $ 199 / user / month.

The pro account gives you access to a multitude of marketing platforms such as Bing Webmaster Tools, Facebook Ads, Facebook Public Data, AdSense, Google My Business, Search Console, Instagram Insights, LinkedIn Company Pages, MailChimp, Microsoft Advertising, Moz, Optimizely, Pinterest Public Data, Quora Ads, Reddit Public Data, SEMrush Analytics, Shopify, Stripe, Tumblr Public Data, Twitter Public Data, Twitter Ads, Vimeo Public Data or VKontakte Public Data.

The software also offers a Super Pro formula. It includes all the marketing platforms of the pro formula as well as Adform, AdRoll, Criteo, HubSpot, LinkedIn Ads, Outbrain, Salesforce, Searchmetrics or even Taboola.

How to use it with Facebook Ads
To easily analyze your Facebook campaigns, you can easily transfer your data from your Facebook account. To do this, all you have to do is open a Google Sheets file, click on “Add-ons” then “Supermetrics”. You must then connect the Facebook Ads data source to get your first statistics.

Supermetrics for Data Studio
Supermetrics for Data Studio

Supermetrics for Data Studio allows you to create marketing reports and visualize all your data.


Google Data Studio is intuitive, customizable and collaborative. However, it only allows you to connect solutions from the Google suite. Supermetrics allows you to aggregate data from other marketing platforms.

Thanks to this tool, it is possible, without making any calculations, to have the cumulative real data of all the platforms to follow the evolution of your digital acquisition strategy.

You can create your reports and dashboards quickly with the predefined templates. Finally, you can compare data from different campaigns in the same graphs.

Install the extension
To use this extension, you must first install it and then select your data source and the metrics you want to view. Once the extension is configured, you can format your data in Data Studio.

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