The unveiling also included a giveaway, so that fans could sit nice and warm during the cold December days. The fans who didn’t win a regular-sized sweater had a chance to win a mini Christmas sweater. At the end of the campaign, the mega gable sweater of 247 square meters. as cut into 15,000 mini Christmas sweaters that you can hang on the Christmas tree. Because this Christmas campaign is something different than a sugary TV commercial, this one should not be missing from the list.

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4. Lidl: a merry Christmas to everyone, including children growing up in poverty On average, 1 in 13 children in the Netherlands grows up in poverty. In other words, there are an average of two children per school class who cannot participate in sports Russia Phone Number and school activities, do not go on family outings and cannot just celebrate a friend’s birthday. With all its consequences. Lidl’s Christmas commercial this year focuses on poverty.

The touching story of bird Fritsie

This campaign draws attention to the Youth Education Fund, which helps to increase the development opportunities of children growing up in poverty. I think it is a good move that Lidl has chosen to pay attention to this subject this year. There is quite a taboo surrounding this topic, while it affects so many children. Also read: The 10 most striking and best brand campaigns of 2021 The ‘Luxury for All’ Christmas commercial was developed in collaboration with Joe Public. Not yet seen?

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