2022 will not be a year like any other on the job market. The students preparing to enter the labor market have lived through these two years of health crisis, which have profoundly transformed the activity of companies. For the Tech and digital professions, the impact is all the greater as this crisis has accelerated another transformation: the digitalization of economic players. All the signals are therefore green for future graduates of the Digital School of Paris and any other school on the Web.

A Well-Oriented Tech Job Market in 2022 After Two Years of Uncertainty

As in 2020, the year 2021 will have been marked, on an economic level, by the health crisis of the coronavirus.. On the other hand, the French economy has experienced a spectacular and unexpected recovery since the middle of 2021, with consequent repercussions on the job market. It must be said that companies have been supported by multiple Japan Email List systems (partial unemployment, loan guaranteed by the State, etc.), and that their ability to project themselves into the future has thus been preserved.

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In addition to this economic aspect favorable to the job market (all the specialists predicted this improvement after two years of crisis and gloom), economists and observers underline the emergence of a more structural trend. In fact, since March 2020, the companies that have best withstood the economic consequences of the succession of confinement and curfews correspond to those that have already embarked on their digital transformation.

Last June, the number of job offers (all sectors of activity combined) reflected this turnaround since it was 51% higher than before the start of the health crisis (January and February 2020). . These trends are also confirmed by the INSEE projects, which suggest, for 2021, the creation of more than 320,000 jobs, making the job creation / destruction ratio positive.

A Tech Sector Undergoing a Revolution for The Year 2022

While many sectors of activity are affected by this upward trend, digital and web professions are among the most sought-after functions by companies. In addition to digitization, the advantages of which have been highlighted in recent months, economic players also intend to steer their development in the short and medium term, by recruiting experts capable of supporting them in the integration of new tools and new technologies. The search for specialized can

didates with higher education is increasing, making higher education in Tech a promising choice for students. All the more so, since companies admit that they encounter difficulties in finding the profiles that meet their research. After a studyMichael Page / Choose Your Boss , “ 78% of companies struggle to recruit IT experts ” in the broad sense. These difficulties are expected to increase in 2022, with heightened tension between job offers and the number of young graduates.

For Start-Ups as For Multinationals, the Stake Is Twofold:

Succeed in attracting the most promising profiles within the company. Strengthen team stability by retaining the most experienced employees.

This tension is reflected in particular by an increase in the remuneration offered by companies, encouraging students to embark on the path of specialized higher studies in these areas of Tech and digital.

This is particularly what emerges from the vast study carried out by the Michael Page group on 2022 compensation trends for tech jobs in particular , a study that could help high school and college students when choosing of their orientation. During this study, 58% of decision-makers in terms of Human Relations (HR) underlined their conviction that this health crisis will durably transform the organization of work.New opportunities have emerged in recent months, and two of them are frequently cited by business leaders:

Technological transformation is accelerating for 66% of decision-makers questioned, inevitably requiring new employees to be able to meet this need for new skills (Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, etc.)
For 56% of decision-makers, the crisis has highlighted the need to engage (or accelerate efforts) in the digitalization of the company. Long-term trend, this digitization can also be one of the causes explaining the massive use of work- study / professionalization contracts . The work-study students support companies while constituting a response to the needs of tomorrow.

Higher Education in Digital Technology in 2022, a Promising Ambition

Everything therefore contributes to making the Tech professions a breeding ground for jobs to be filled in the years to come, and the choice of students to join a Web school like the Digital School of Paris is thereby reinforced. In 2022, 78% of companies say they want to recruit IT experts in many specialized fields. Marketing and communication, substantial needs to be met in the short term.

While the crisis has highlighted the many opportunities afforded by digital technology, this has resulted in a significant boom in e-commerce. The players already present on the Web have become aware of the importance of “”not being left behind”” by stepping up their efforts on communication and digital marketing, while many players have decided to take the plunge by now offering a multi-channel or even omni-channel offer. According to the study by the famous consulting firm, the most sought-after professions in 2022 will be:

Account Manager e-commerce
CRM project manager
E-commerce manager
Traffic Manager
Acquisition manager

The Webmarketing trades included in these functions essential for companies to implement their development projects. This research is intensifying to the extent that this awareness also translates into increased competition. For students, it is rather reassuring to note that nearly one in three companies (30%) considers the recruitment of young talents as a lever for growth.

Digital and It Expertise, a Pressing Need for Companies

From Sm Es to Multinationals, Including Administrations and Start-Ups, the Needs in Terms of Technological Expertise Are More and More Substantial. Whether It Concerns Infrastructures and Networks, Cybersecurity or Even Data and Artificial Intelligence, Companies Are Now Struggling to Recruit Recognized Experts. a Projective Study Thus Foresees the Recruitment of More than 220,000 Collaborators for These Management Functions. Among the Professions, Which Will Be the Most Sought After by Companies, in 2022, It Will Be Necessary to Distinguish the Systems & Network Administrator and The Developer on The One Hand and The Cybersecurity Expert or The Data Expert.

On the Other Hand. These Are Already Highly Tense Markets, and The Trend Is Expected to Increase in 2022 and In the Years to Come. for Data, Ai or Even Machine Learning, the Exponential Multiplication of Connected Objects Implies a Significant Update of Economic Players. Regarding Cybersecurity, the 30,000% Increase in Cyber Attacks in 2020 Has Led a Large Majority of Companies to Make This Specialized Sector a Top Priority.

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