Do you know which content on your site performs best? And which content has a lot of potential to reach that leading group? Top-performing content is a site’s content sweet spot : it’s material that works well for you in many ways. If you have a clear picture of which pages those are, you can further increase the return of that content and fine-tune your content strategy. But how do you determine that sweet spot?

Content sweet spot and content strategy

For some, the content sweet spot is the overlap between a company’s knowledge and skills with the wishes, challenges and stumbling blocks of the target group. You then use that overlap in your content strategy and planning. That doesn’t really go far enough for me. Frankly, I think it is only logical that you link the two in the content strategy. But then, in my view, you are only at the beginning of effective content and you are missing out on opportunities.

When formulating a content strategy, I therefore choose Quality Directors Email Lists to first determine the content sweet spot of a site: the place where I find the content that performs well in several respects. This provides more valuable starting points for formulating or fine-tuning a content strategy. By looking closely at existing content, analyzing it and improving it, you get more out of existing content and you find starting points for new, additional content.

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How do you find the best performing content on your website?

It also depends on what the marketing objectives of your website are. But I count something in the content sweet spot and therefore in the top-performing content if it meets at least three of the following criteria. And the more, the better!

  1. Many visitors who stay on the page (much) longer than average
  2. Visitors share the page with others
  3. The page is related to your offer
  4. The page provides desired actions or reactions
  5. A good or rising position in Google

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