In one sentence, this approach boils down to: ‘Look ahead and reason back’. 15. Connecting Leadership Binding factor In addition to a vision that gives citizens hope and courage, there is a particular need at all levels in society and business for connecting leadership, sometimes also referred to as new or servant leadership. That is leadership that does not polarize, but connects people and worlds.

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Think of Jarinda Ardern (premier of New Zealand and renowned for her corona approach), Barack Obama ( yes we can ), Jos de Blok of Buurtzorg or Coolblue’s Pieter Zwart (anything for a smile). Leaders Vietnam Phone Number who know how to communicate the joint ambitions, goals and strategy in a clear and inspiring way. With directors, directors, managers and team leaders who listen, take people seriously and empathize.

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Leaders who are based on trust and who know how to motivate people to create beautiful things together. Paradoxical leadership Connecting leadership does not think in either-or, but in both-and. Leaders know how to deal with a world that is structurally unbalanced. They can deal with paradoxes (apparent contradictions) and dilemmas (opinionally mutually exclusive options).

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