Watch it here: The purpose of the TV commercial will be continued in the physical stores. Buy phone number list from latest mailing database. Customers can donate groceries from the beginning of December, to which Lidl itself adds a luxury stole and turns it into packages for children. Deposit vouchers to the Youth Education Fund.

bird Fritsie touches the sensitive nerve

Lidl will increase this amount with an extra donation at the end of the campaign. 3. Albert Heijn: the smallest greatest love story of the year Such a cute love story should not be missing from this list, right? Albert Heijn is bringing the ‘smallest greatest Saudi Arabia Phone Number love story of the year’ in the Christmas campaign this year. Harry, the hamster of supermarket manager Ilse, plays the leading role in this.

Young and old eat together

This little four-legged friend goes on an adventure to spend Christmas with his great love. Super cute. And a great example of the power of storytelling. Albert Heijn developed the Christmas commercial in collaboration with TBWA, Dentsu and Boomerang. In the background is the well-known (and somewhat cliché) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas . Dennis van Aarssen, winner of The Voice of Holland (2019) has covered this classic by Judy Garland for the campaign.

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