If you still use traditional marketing techniques, know that other very powerful levers exist. Have you ever thought that “social media marketing” can be a key element in the success of your business? Marketing 2.0 is a great way to increase your bottom line, especially since most people today research online before making purchasing decisions. This is where social selling or social selling comes in. What is it exactly ? Why is he so popular? How to use it today? This article will reveal all the secrets to you.

What Is Social Selling?

Very present in B2B processes, social selling is indeed a technique that consists of using social networks to connect with prospects and leads. The goal of social Martinique Email List selling is to engage consumers on a long-term basis by creating interaction and staying relevant.

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However, there is more to social selling than just creating a profile on social media. The sales or marketing process being time consuming, it is about listening, sharing, helping and interacting with your targets. This approach, which goes much further than collecting “likes”, uses “ inbound marketing  ” strategies  to generate leads or prospects. Advised in the prospecting phase, she aims to find opportunities, to shorten the sales cycle, but also to develop your business.

Social selling vs Community management: what’s the difference?
Like “  Community management  ”, social selling calls on social networks. This use of social networks as mentioned above makes it possible to publicize its brand and its products. However, there is a small difference between these two concepts. Social selling is concerned with the production of targeted content in an interaction between the seller and the buyer.

With regard to “Community management”, it is responsible for increasing the visibility of a brand; but also to promote products or services to a large community; the aim being to offer Internet users the possibility of sharing content on the brand. Social selling and “community management  ” often work for one and the same goal: to sell.

Why Is “social Selling” Popular at The Moment?

It’s a fact that a connected business performs much better than an offline business. According to Forbes, 90% of the best salespeople use social selling. Additionally, salespeople who use social selling have a 51% greater chance of reaching their sales goals.

Forbes also revealed that 78% of businesses using social media far outperform the competition. In addition, according to B2B marketers, 84% of B2b CEOs can use social networks to speed up their purchasing process. What are the real reasons? Why is “social selling” popular these days? An analysis carried out by iko-system reveals that to reach a prospect, you need 8 calls and to have a qualified lead, you need 22 calls.

Also according to this survey, 90% of decision-makers never answer an email or a cold call from a stranger. Only 2% of salespeople manage to land a qualified meeting. Very low numbers when you want to achieve your sales targets. In this context, traditional marketing techniques are now relegated to the background since consumers today operate in a hyper-connected world. Now everything is done online and many companies have figured it out.

These new behaviors are the consequence of the rise of social selling for several years. More than 3 billion users are now active on social networks and sometimes spend all day there. No wonder 2.0 sales reps take this route to find new customers.

Social Selling: Is It that New?

We tend to believe that social selling is a very recent prospecting technique, because this method aims to use digital tools such as social networks to increase sales.

This system makes it possible to establish points of contact with its potential customers and to synchronize the sales process. But is it really recent? Social selling has actually been around for a long time, but in a different version.

When you look closely, you quickly realize that this is the most innovative version of traditional marketing techniques such as fax, door-to-door, telephone, paper flyers, etc. It must be said, these techniques were effective and perfectly matched their time. From now on, advertising is done online to optimize commercial prospecting.

Many entrepreneurs who have understood the challenges of social selling are already integrating it into their sales strategies.

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