If you are fans of social networks, you know these logos by heart: the little blue bird of Twitter, the “F” of Facebook, or even the famous camera of Instagram which received a surprising makeover in 2016. You want to download and use these logos for professional use or just for fun? It’s possible and easy, but there are a few rules to follow, as these logos or icons are trademarks protected by copyright and each social network imposes rules that must be followed.

So before you copy and put these logos on your website, for example, be sure to follow the advice we are going to give you.

Let’s start with the world’s largest social networking platform, Facebook.


Here’s where you’ll need to go to download the Facebook logo or find other graphic resources:

It is the famous “f” which represents the Jamaica Phone Number List social network on websites and mobile applications. It is also available with a different design, namely in black and gray background.

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The directives / guidelines set out by the American platform specify that: “the main use of the“ f ”logo is to promote your organization’s presence on Facebook. For example, when you say “Find us on Facebook” and link to your Facebook page, it is appropriate to use the “f” logo ”.

On the other hand, they make it clear never to use the “Facebook” logo, that is to say the entire word written, which is reserved for social media.

You can also download other photos in PSD like the thumb icon, another well-known symbol of the brand. To learn more about its use, go here:

You probably know that WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger belong to Facebook. All the information you need to know about the use of logos and icons can be found here:

Let’s take a look at Instagram, one of the hottest social media apps at the moment.


If you love this photo sharing app and its colorful logos, head over here to find them in PSD:

There is obviously the famous icon in the form of a camera, called “Glyph Icon”. Instagram includes other logos (Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout) which should only be used in the following cases:

if you view them on a device with other apps
whether you encourage people to download the Boomerang, Hyperlapse, or Layout apps
In addition, it is prohibited to modify the color, design or appearance of these logos.

Instagram also gives instructions to follow regarding the space to be respected around these logos and their minimum size (29 × 29 pixels), to ensure their impact and readability.


To download all the resources of the blue bird brand, go to the following page:

All the free resources are available to you in PNG by pressing “download”.

Inside the “Brand Guidelines” document, available here:

You will find all the information you need to use Twitter logos and icons correctly. For example, Twitter requires you to portray the bird only in the traditional brand colors, blue and white. It is strictly forbidden to modify, animate or rotate the blue bird. You will also not be able to use photos of the old logos. In total, almost fifteen pages of instructions await you to learn all about the terms of use of Twitter logos.

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