Social Listening involves monitoring the social media channels where your brand is present, to observe all customer comments and any direct mentions about your brand, but also to identify any discussions regarding keywords, topics, competitors or specific sectors, followed by analysis to gain insight and act accordingly.

Social Listening is therefore a two-part process, unlike social monitoring, which only keeps track of mentions and conversations on social media. However, without an effort of analysis and ad hoc reaction, your brand will not be able to meet the specific needs of its customers.

By performing ‘social listening’ on social media, you can create the kind of content your followers actually want to see, come up with new ideas based on trends in your industry, improve your customer experience by interacting directly with customers , and constantly adapt your customer strategy to current needs.

What Social Listening Can Do for Your Business

The web offers many opportunities, for those who know how to seize them. As such, it is an indispensable resource for all brands, and especially those targeting specific groups, such as Millennials and Generation Z. The majority of people under 50 use the internet on a daily basis, and the content generated by these people represents an endless Saudi Arabia Phone Number List source of valuable business information, especially since the eruption of social media.


So if you do an effective Social Listening job, here are the 4 benefits your business can reap:

Collecting information
Social Listening allows you to be in touch with what your customers are thinking. By analyzing vast amounts of online discussions, you get an incredible amount of feedback, mostly honest and unfiltered, about your products and services, or those of your competitors. To manage all this information by hand is impossible from a certain number.

It gets even more complicated if you are tracking multiple keywords and topics. You also want to capture mentions that don’t tag your profile, and finding them is a real headache.

Fortunately, there are social listening tools, which we’ll talk about later. They allow you to capture all mentions related to your keyword, even if they do not tag your followed profiles. This leaves you with an endless treasure trove of actionable information. But how do you find what you’re looking for in this ocean of data?

Data analytics

There is no point in collecting thousands of comments and mentions online if it doesn’t give you accurate information. Performance indicators that could be called “vanity”, such as the number of subscribers, likes, shares are not the only data that matters. We have to go further and take an interest in the people behind these figures.

Social Listening tools can provide you with important data about your audience – their demographics, location, sentiment analysis, most popular communication channels, and more. the list is endless. The information you get in this way should be the foundation of your social media communication strategy. It is also a great source of consumer information.

Consumer engagement
With your online mentions gathered and filtered, you can discover the right audience for your products and reach your target directly. You can participate in online conversations as they occur, reach out to your customers and respond to their needs, and find new and exciting sales opportunities. You can show that you really care about the issues that internet users face. Keep in mind that emotional perception plays a huge role in the sales process.

It is possible to establish an emotional relationship quite quickly and easily with your customers by presenting yourself in an appropriate way on social networks, and thus boost the rate of engagement of Internet users with your brand. In addition, Social Listening will give you the ability to spot potential PR crises as they arise, and most importantly to react before they get worse.

Being engaged with your customers is never a bad thing. By showing that you genuinely care about your customers, you can encourage more people to trust your brand and engage in the buying process. Think of it as a long term marketing strategy.

Brand development

Today, brands have to adapt almost instantly to new situations. This is why the use of technological solutions is really crucial to save time. By letting the algorithms take care of the most recurring and time-consuming tasks of your Social Listening action, you will have more space to work on strategic aspects of your marketing and to find improvements to your processes.

With unlimited search results, precise analysis, fast reputation management, you can show your agility to your entire community on the internet. Social Listening gives you an unbiased assessment of consumer preferences and needs. Use this information to optimize the way you communicate with consumers, maximize your return on investment, and establish your brand in the market.

What concrete objectives for your Social listening?

When you decide to try to keep up with and monitor what’s going on on social media, make sure you design a cohesive and unique strategy that matches your goals and your business niche.

It’s easy to get lost in the limitless possibilities of tracking millions of mentions and hashtags online. Stay focused in order to extract actionable insights from your social media data.

You can mix and match all kinds of projects or choose to set them up one by one. Because anyway, everything is connected: if you participate in an online conversation on a topic related to your product and you provide invaluable help, you simultaneously develop the notoriety and the authority of your brand and thus you unearth leads. . You don’t have to focus on segregating these tasks. Just take the time to analyze your current position in the market, and prioritize your actions accordingly.

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