Convenience, comfort, but also the fear surrounding corona play a role in this. Recently I noticed that with a customer who wanted to organize a physical. Event for 200 employees, but when it turned. Out that only 2 employees wanted to come physically. With only the promise of a drink and bitterbal afterwards you won’t make it anymore. 2.

Meaningful experiences

Meaningful experiences One of the major trends. That I see in the coming year is the shift from. Purely production-based organization of a location, speakers and catering, to creating a cool total experience. This is also nicely reflected in the book The Experience Economy by Joseph Ivory Coast Phone Number Pine and James Gilmore (affiliate). To set yourself apart from your competition, you need to stage experiences — memorable events that engage people in inherently personal ways.

Since Google announced
Since Google announced

One size does not fit all

Due to the many technological possibilities that have become known in the past year, the public has also become a lot more demanding. We are getting busier, so we will look more closely at whether an event is worth it. Data from one of the largest event platforms shows that only 42% of virtual event attendees fully attend a session. According to 66% of the event organizers, creating a meaningful experience is the main priority to work on in the coming year.

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