Blogger, programmer, entrepreneur, and investor, Sam Altman is one of those multifaceted talents who love to develop their skills and abilities in sunny California. Born in Chicago on April 22, 1985, the young Altman however grew up in the city of Saint-Louis, Missouri, far from the beaches that border the Pacific Ocean. It was his enrollment at Stanford University that gave him the opportunity to come to the heart of the Silicone Valley, south of the San Francisco bay. However, he will not go to the end of his university studies by abandoning his studies in 2005.

Without Wasting a Second

Altman created his own company the same year, at the age of only 19! “Loopt” is thus his first entrepreneurial adventure, which he shares with his friend Nick Sivo. Loopt provided its users with a geolocation-based social Namibia Email List networking service. Compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Window, Loopt has had up to 5 million subscribers. The Loopt episode ends in 2012 for Altman, who is promised greater duties.

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“Sam Altman: president of y combinator”
He became president of “  Y Combinator  ” in 2014. This company, founded in 2005 by Jessica Livingstone and Paul Graham in particular, is a well-known name in the start-up accelerator sector. Based in Mountain View, this company has participated in the launch and take off of more than 2000 Startups, including Twitch , Dropbox , Airbnb, sorry!

Every year, hundreds of start-ups hope to win the cup and be selected by “YC”, as it is called in the Silicone Valley, in order to be able to develop and grow serenely. Jessica Livingstone recently summed up the fundamental objective behind Y Combinator very well, revealing that the company she and Graham had created was in a way “the first gear set in motion by start-ups”, one step at a time. the caliper, sort of.

The Financing Principle Behind Y Combinator

The financing principle behind Y Combinator is called “seed funding / capital”, which in French translates as “seed capital”. What is it exactly? Basically, seed capital is the first capital injection a company needs to get started. A fundraiser is organized to raise capital that will be paid to the young start-up in exchange for shares or bonds.

What differentiates seed capital from venture capital (Venture capital) are the amounts, which are generally much larger in the second type of investment, and also the nature of the investors, who can be described as institutional investors in the case of venture capital.

In 2019, Sam Altman decides to leave the company to fly to other adventures. Its record in the Californian start-up accelerator is applauded by all observers.

A Brilliant Career as An Entrepreneur and Investor, but Not Only

In March 2019, Altman decided to focus on OpenAl, a company he had co-founded with Elon Musk and other associates in San Francisco in December 2015. This research laboratory which aims to develop artificial intelligence is a direct competitor of DeepMind Technology, a UK-based company owned by giant Google. OpenAl is now affiliated with Microsoft, which has also invested a staggering sum of $ 1 billion in the firm headed by Altman.

The one who is the CEO, and is perfectly supported by “  serial Well-known Silicone Valley investors and entrepreneurs: Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel, and… Jessica Livingstone! OpenAI’s ambition is to get the best out of AI, aware that it could have devastating consequences for humans if it falls into the wrong hands. Elon Musk said nothing else when he declared in 2018 that AI was “one of the greatest threats to humanity.” Some of OpenAI’s flagship products and applications include Gym, Robosumo, and Debate Game.

But Sam Altman is not content with his leadership role at OpenAI because he has a long history of investing in start-ups on an individual basis. On his hunting board, we count Airbnb, Reddit, Pinterest, among others, like any good serial entrepreneur in Silicone Valley who respects himself.

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