AliExpress, the famous online retail marketplace belonging to the Alibaba group, published in February 2021 a study on the changing needs of European e-commerce, and the role that “shopportainment” can play in helping buyers. and sellers to promote European SMEs and give them new means of sale. “Livestreaming commerce”, a concept originating in China, which combines the broadcasting of a live event with shopping, is now one of the most popular digital commerce innovations in the Middle Kingdom. Following the phenomenal success of this live streaming technology in China and Asia, and notable growth in Europe over the past few months, AliExpress commissioned Forrester Consulting, a leading market research firm,

Shoppertainment: definition

Shoppertainment is a concept which blurs the lines between electronic commerce, entertainment and what the Anglo-Saxons call “lifestyle”, that is to say the daily way of life. It enables consumers to engage in a highly immersive, interactive, and connected experience, such as live events, videos and interactive games, with the ultimate goal of doing business and generating transactions.

This study, entitled “Shoppertainment Is Landing in Europe: European Consumers Are Embracing New Formats of Online Shopping Such as Livestreaming Commerce”, interviewed nearly 15,000 adults online in France, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom to better understand the behavior and perceptions of the European public in terms of online shopping, in the context of entertainment, or “shoppertainment”, as we must now say.

The results of the study suggest that consumers have been ready to experiment with new methods of shopping online since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic. Two-thirds of consumers surveyed also buy more online. With regard Greece Phone Number List specifically to the field of shoppertainment, 70% of the consumers questioned expressed their interest in this new form of online shopping.


“As a pioneer in shoppertainment, AliExpress is dedicated to developing the ecosystem and creating more job opportunities in Europe, where this form of e-commerce is starting to emerge and show its potential,” said Vita Chang, Head of Content Operations at AliExpress. “While the trend is still in its infancy in Europe compared to Asia, for the moment, this study shows that shoppertainment has real potential on the old continent. Customers are open to new trends and technologies that can improve their shopping experiences. This is a real business opportunity for sellers and retailers who know how to take advantage of this trend strategically. “

Data-driven insights to help businesses navigate shoppertainment strategically

The study produced interesting results for retailers and sellers interested in this new form of shopping. The main categories of products that attract the attention of consumers on entertainment channels relate to electronics, fashion and cosmetics. We also notice that customers are more involved when salespeople organize live broadcast events, with content that is short, reliable, accessible, informative and presented by a host they like. 

In addition, the study divides European consumers into six types of consumer profiles or “buyer personas”, by analyzing their behavior in relation to entertainment and online shopping events, and ultimately to help sellers working in e-commerce better understand these segments and reach the right people with the right content. Here are the six types of buyers identified: “heavy online shoppers”, “short video watchers”, “social champions”, “online dimmers”, “online always”, and “binge watchers”. 

Of these six segments, “online always” consumers, which refers to people who are heavily engaged in all kinds of online activities, have the greatest potential to become shoppertainment aficionados. Representing 19% of consumers surveyed, they are the most likely to make unplanned purchases when the product is featured by influencers they love.

“When exploring the opportunities for Europe, it is important to look at the distinctions between each country to respond to different consumers in different countries via the right messages,” said Vita Chang. The main findings suggest that UK consumers need reliable and entertaining content adapted to the mobile medium, while French consumers prefer content that is succinct and endorsed by influencers. Buyers in Spain look for the best deals and practical information when they turn to shoppertainment, and consumers in Poland value interactions with live show presenters and other customers more.

“With the emerging trend of Shoppertainment in European e-commerce, businesses will be able to stay ahead of the game if the content presented to consumers is relevant, trustworthy and entertaining,” said Xiaofeng Wang, senior analyst at Forrester, of of the study for AliExpress. “The results of this study are invaluable for retailers and sellers in Europe to better understand changing customer needs and to design commerce / live commerce livestream strategies that can drive business growth accordingly. “

AliExpress to double its shopping offer in Europe

With Alibaba Group as a global innovator in the field of shoppertainment, but also the positive experience of the Taobao platform, AliExpress has witnessed the rapid adoption of this trend in China. Aware of the significant advantages of shoppertainment for both sellers and buyers, AliExpress is committed to innovating in European e-commerce by doubling its efforts in this area in Europe.

In France, AliExpress officially launched a Livestream Program, a live streaming program, in May 2020, and has since offered over 3,000 live broadcasts and worked with over 100 local livestreamers. Brands such as Qlive or Cibox have already adopted this trend. In addition, AliExpress is recruiting retail store salespeople in France to train them to become livestreamers / live broadcasters, which will create employment opportunities and support the local economy during the difficult times we are living in today. In Spain, AliExpress has signed partnerships with 8 influencer agencies and now works with 180 local influencers, which bring more visibility to sellers and brands, while creating an innovative and entertaining way to shop.

Globally, AliExpress has so far made more than 44,000 live broadcasts in thirteen different languages ​​since July 2019, when the Chinese company launched the new version of its integrated live streaming feature. app, attracting over 9 million viewers worldwide, and generating over 84 million interactions, such as comments and likes!

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