Marketing experts say e-commerce will surpass 4.5 trillion euros in sales next year. It is the industry that has experienced the strongest growth for several consecutive years.

For online e-merchants, Shopify has recently become the global benchmark. Known for its solution that allows you to create a very convincing online store in minutes, Shopify has convinced millions of entrepreneurs and physical stores to use its services. Building on its breakthrough in the e-commerce market, Shopify has never hidden its ambition to gain market share on Amazon and eBay. Indeed, if the economic model which forged the notoriety of the Canadian firm was until then an all-in-one solution for creating online stores, Shopify recently launched an application called “  Shop  ” to play in the court of big. Or tell you more about this new app in this article.

What Is the Shop App?

Shopify is what is called a SaaS or Software as a Service . It is intended to help entrepreneurs, with no coding knowledge, to set up an online store in just a few minutes. In addition, the management of an online store created with this solution is simple and intuitive. Since 2018, the idea of ​​releasing an online marketplace has animated the Shopify Lebanon Email List teams. It was not until last April that the project called “Shop” saw the light of day.

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Unlike Shopify Store which is a product for professionals , the Shop by application is intended for the general public. Concretely, this simple application allows Internet users to make online purchases via their mobile devices on a kind of marketplace. Thus, Internet users are no longer obliged to go through an e-commerce site to buy their favorite products, but can do so through Shop as in the manner of Amazon, Alibaba, or even eBay.

However, Shopify wants to make the customer online shopping experience as intuitive as possible. “Shopify Store has focused over the past decade on solving complex problems for entrepreneurs by making commerce transparent and accessible,” said Carl Rivera, Managing Director of Shop. “Now we want to do the same for the customer. We have focused on solving common shopping journey issues, while developing specific features, such as discovering nearby businesses, which will be relevant to the future of e-commerce. ”

How Does This Application Work?

For the customers
Shop is similar to a marketplace which brings together several online stores. Thus, customers can immediately browse through the product catalogs offered by the application. If they are interested in a product, customers can place an order and pay through the native Shop Pay solution. Thus, customers no longer have to exit the application to pay, which can be a real advantage when we know that 60% of abandonments are made at the time of payment.

Shop Pay is not new, however, but a module already available to merchants who have an online store running on Shopify. What is different about Shop compared to other marketplaces is the ability to locate a nearby store that offers the products the customer is looking for.

The Shop application is also equipped with several filters that allow customers to display recommendations for the products they are looking for, and especially to receive personalized offers. Regarding this feature, when using for the first time, customers will only see stores and brands with which they have interacted in the past. But as they use the app, it will be possible for them to have product recommendations based on their preferences, location, etc.

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