The question is legitimate in a process of creating a business, when we know that certain countries are particularly favorable for business, setting up a business in France or abroad will have real consequences.

Starting a business is always a major risk taking and deciding to set up a business abroad increases this risk.

Let us first see the main reasons which push the French to emigrate to build their business.

Strong Fiscal Pressure

In the first place, we must mention the strong fiscal pressure that exists in France. And this is not a myth. If we add corporate taxes, employer contributions and wages, we see that our country is among the most greedy in Europe and even in the world in terms of corporate taxation! That said, in order to have a precise vision of what a company must pay to the state, it is preferable to consult the Indian Email List website of the Directorate General of Public Finances, because the taxation can vary substantially depending on the turnover, type of business, certain exceptions, niches, etc.

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Despite this, the comparison with some close countries like the United Kingdom or Ireland really hurts. These two neighboring countries are engaged in a real trade war in order to attract as many foreign companies as possible. The UK has cut corporate taxes significantly in recent years. In addition, this land of merchants and traders offers an ideal environment for business . With its reputation as a liberal state, London and its status as a world-class financial center and the ease with which one can set up a business, the “Perfide Albion” therefore appears much less unfriendly to young budding entrepreneurs who lament about the other side of the channel. In addition, it should be noted that in England, social charges are much lower than here.

The other eldorado of business creation in Europe is Ireland. We can even say that the Irish are the champions, with corporate tax rates barely exceeding 12%. Thanks to these phenomenal efforts, the Irish government has had the pleasure of seeing global giants come to settle in the Dublin area. Thus, Google and Apple have chosen the “Celtic tiger” to establish their European headquarters. In addition, this country has the advantage of being part of the euro zone.

A Stifling Administrative Straitjacket

If Europe does not interest you or seems too little exotic for your taste, look towards Asia and in particular Hong Kong. The former British colony is regularly featured in the top places in business environment and business creation rankings. For example, Hong Kong does not levy taxes on international activities carried out by companies established in its territory and only 16% with regard to trade within this special administrative region belonging to the Republic. people of China. Singapore also has an excellent reputation and attracts many investors and businessmen.

Another repulsive aspect for companies wishing to set up in France or for young entrepreneurs is the administrative burden. Many businessmen are complaining about the permanent emergence of new regulations, which by the same token cause unprecedented constraints. We must also talk about the labor code and its 3000 pages, the famous 35 hours, etc. Despite the simplifications put in place by the last governments in charge, the administration is struggling to restore its image and it is still perceived as a brake on business creation by some.

With Regard to The Creation of A Business

Precisely, the administrative procedures that must be accomplished are hardly encouraging. A recent survey showed that more than 30% of French entrepreneurs encountered difficulties in carrying out administrative formalities. Registering a company in France is a process that takes time. After registration in the Trade and Companies Register, it is necessary to carry out a Kbis, which is an official document certifying the legal existence of a company in France. It must be certified by a registrar. Finally, a legal notice must be made. To be honest, we must add that these steps are made faster and more convenient than in the past thanks to well-functioning internet platforms.

That being said, starting an entrepreneurial adventure abroad is not synonymous with guaranteed success – far from it. Despite the presence within it of all the favorable conditions met to incorporate a business, a foreign country can sometimes contain difficulties that are difficult to foresee.

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