the internet is developing very rapidly and in this context being high on search engines , such as Google, is of crucial importance. Why Google? Quite simply because it occupies, today, 94% of the market share of online research. It is therefore important to develop tactics to please your algorithms and adapt your website to its constraints.

Providing a website with better search engine positioning requires real skills. This technique is called “natural referencing”. At the center of this discipline is the SEO consultant. Job description, role, diplomas, training… In this article, find out all about the SEO consultant.

SEO Consultant: Who Is He?

The term “consultant” literally means: an expert in a very specific field who gives consultations. He receives a fee for providing advice on a subject, whether it is to an individual or a business.

The word “consultant”, associated with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, designates any person specializing in natural referencing. The profession covers a wide range of subjects. However, the goal that has long been constant lies in the responsibility of achieving Switzerland Email Database better search engine rankings as well as excellent visibility on Google.

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SEO Consultants are SEO audit experts who make website content as visible as possible. This visibility will therefore make it possible to generate traffic and improve the conversion rate of customers. The profession of SEO consultants requires analytical, tactical, strategic, integrative thinking to improve a site’s presence not only on Google, but also on social networks.

SEO Expert: What is he doing?
The objective of the SEO specialist or the SEO is to allow a web platform to appear in the highest results of the first page of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…), it will have to go through many stages.

Understanding of the client’s marketing objective
What is my client’s marketing objective? This is the first question a SEO asks himself. For this, he will have to take care of evaluating the position of the customer’s brand compared to that of the competition. Once the business niche has been studied, the latter must ensure that the client’s objectives are SMART (Specific, measurable, appropriate, achievable and time-bound).

Keyword Research and Analysis

One of the main roles of the SEO consultant is to do keyword targeting in order to distinguish main terms from long tail phrases. He advises on the keywords to use in an article or in a website, in order to guarantee better optimization.

Organic optimization of a web page
The optimization of a web page includes taking into account several elements. These include html markup and text formatting. At this level, the mission of the SEO consultant is to ensure that the integration of each element respects the various Google directives. This exercise will, in a way, facilitate the indexing of a web page by the robots of the web giant.

SEO audit and resolution of SEO issues
The SEO consultant is also able to identify the problems that a website encounters, be it 404 errors, duplicate content, bad URL structure or slower site loading speed. . Added to this is the ability to identify and resolve operational issues, poor quality site maps, missing “alts” attributes, or errors in the robots.txt file.

In this level, the SEO is responsible for carrying out the complete audit of a website. He has the necessary skills to check the indexing status of Google, the relevance of the html code, the content inventory, but also traffic statistics.

From a global point of view, the SEO is responsible for analyzing the structure of a showcase or e-commerce site (on-site referencing and off-site referencing). This is to determine and overcome any problems that influence its visibility.

Training to Become an SEO Consultant

To be an SEO expert or an SEO consultant, you must have a bac + 2 / + 3 or +5 in digital marketing or IT. However, as specialized training in SEO is still embryonic, there are generalist training, however centered around IT and which can lead to the profession of SEO consultant (Search Engine Optimization).

Bac + 2 in SEO, social media manager or community management

DUT in MMI or Multimedia and Internet profession

Bac + 3 in e-business, digital marketing, e-commerce or a bachelor in web business option

Bac + 5 en e-business, digital marketing, e-commerce

Bac + 6 in master’s degree specializing in e-business, e-commerce or digital marketing

It goes without saying that the profession of SEO consultants was born before these different training courses. This is the reason why most SEO experts have learned their trade on the job. This being the case, SEOs are known to have a strong ability to be self-taught.

At the end of his training, the budding SEO consultant must master content editing systems (CMS) as well as digital marketing platforms. In order to offer the best to its customers, the latter must be able to identify a powerful CMS from a CMS that is not worth it. He must, without any difficulty, be able to use the “builders” of popular sites like WordPress, Wizishop, Prestashop , Wix , Squarespace, etc.

At the very least, an SEO expert should also be able to effectively use SEO software and tools. To give valuable advice, he must be able to interpret the results from tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google ads, Semrush, Moz Linkexplorer, Spyfu, Yoast, SEObook, SEOQuake, GTmetrix Brightlocal, etc.

Qualities required for an SEO manager
Versatility is the key element that an SEO expert must have. This quality is useful for understanding the issues and issues related to SEO. To offer the best possible services to a company, the SEO manager must identify the functional aspects of communication and marketing. In addition to their skills in HTML, PHP, CSS or even Javascript, the SEO audit expert must be familiar with several qualities, namely:

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