Are you looking for a SEO agency in Nice to boost the visibility of your business or your e-commerce site? This is great, as we have compiled a list of the top 15 agencies in and around “Nissa la Bella”.

You will discover a variety of SEO- oriented digital agencies that can also help you in many other areas of digital marketing and online communication.

Your SEO agency that builds your SEO strategy

1-? Eskimoz
Eskimoz is a natural referencing agency present in Nice and in some of the largest French cities, such as Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lille and Toulouse. For these SEO experts, tailor-made support remains the key to a successful SEO strategy. They will therefore adapt their SEO action by adapting to the particularities of your company and your sector of activity in order to obtain the best possible results. How? ‘Or’ What ? By optimizing the technical Benin WhatsApp Number List SEO aspects of your website (HTLM tags, URL structure, loading time, internal networking, etc.), but also off-site elements, such as netlinking, the popularity of your site, links social, etc.

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2-? JSanchez
Based in the town of Vence, about fifteen kilometers from the center of Nice, the SEO agency JSanchez is a digital marketing agency capable of supporting your company in almost all of its projects on the web: natural referencing (SE0), referencing paid (SEA / Google Ads), creation of showcase or e-commerce site, social networks, e-mailing campaigns, print & design, etc. This human-sized agency has the skills and know-how to bring a website to the first page of the most important search engine, Google, and offers you a free SEO audit of your site to start.

3-? Trimardeau
This SEO agency in Nice will help your business obtain the visibility it deserves on search engines thanks to an SEO strategy based on three main axes: technique, content and popularity. Its team of experts made up of web developers, analysts, consultants, writers and influencers will support you to maximize your chances of generating quality organic traffic. The Trimardeau agency is also specialized in inbound marketing, growth marketing and Google Ads. You can contact them freely to get a free quote.


Adcom is an agency specializing in natural referencing which is located in the heart of Nice. Its SEO teams can offer you personalized support based on your needs, and help you identify relevant keywords in order to optimize your web pages and boost your visibility on the internet. They will intervene directly on your website to carry out the necessary SEO optimizations and will carry out regular performance monitoring if you wish. Adcom is also a web marketing agency expert in SEA (sponsored links), data analytics, media buying & advertising and content writing.

5-? Nocta Agency
Nocta is one of the best SEO and Inbound Marketing agencies in Nice. Nocta has developed a specific system for active natural referencing based on the application of good SEO practices and the activation of internal networks. This is how the agency regularly obtains the first Google page for the companies with which it collaborates, a result which is the result of a meticulous and studied operational process.

Apart from its SEO services, Nocta can also take care of the creation or redesign of your website, your community management, and your advertising and emailing campaigns.

6-? Smart Web Group
Located a stone’s throw from the Croisette, the SEO Smart Web Group agency specializes in Google SEO and its team of experts has the skills and know-how to develop the visibility of your showcase site or your e-commerce via a digital strategy adapted to your objectives and an action plan in four stages: SEO audit, internal optimization, themed netlinking, monitoring and optimization. So, if you want to improve your positioning in the main search engines, whether at the local, national or even international level, Smart Web Group represents a solution to consider.

7-? My Revenue Partner
Based in Mougins, the SEO Revenue Partner agency is made up of a team of natural referencing experts who have mastered all referencing techniques at their fingertips. They will intervene on several axes, such as content optimization, netlinking, e-reputation and the technical aspect (loading time, site structure, etc.). The goal of the SEO strategy implemented by Revenue Partner is to increase your visibility by appearing on the first page of Google and to generate new customers in order to boost your turnover in the medium and long term.

Ckc net

Based in Sophia-Antipolis and Lyon, the digital agency offers a full range of web services: website creation, mobile application creation, SEO natural referencing, UX & UI design, inbound marketing, webmarketing, development CRM, Google Ads, etc.

Thanks to their tailor-made SEO strategy and action, your company will be able to perpetuate its marketing work in the long term, improve its brand image, and above all increase its web traffic and turnover. The agency also specializes in the use of analysis tools such as Google Analytics, essential to analyze your performance and optimize your strategy.

9-? Media Trends
Here is an SEO agency from Nice that specializes in organic SEO and has the means and skills to raise your brand to the top of the SERPs. Thanks to carefully studied strategies, Tendance Media’s traffic managers and data experts will make your site visible on the web thanks to different levers and tactics: semantic cocoon analysis, content writing, optimization of your conversion funnel, SEO compliance , code optimization, backlink, etc. You will then receive regular performance and monitoring reports.

10-? Ideal-Com
Located in Sophia-Antipolis, this SEO SEA referencing agency is made up of a team of communication specialists, creatives, project managers and developers able to offer you innovative solutions in the field of natural referencing. Ideal-Com’s SEO consultants don’t just bring you a list of keywords. Thanks to statistical tools (Google Analytics, Google webmaster tool), they are able to determine exactly the keywords that are requested by Internet users, and therefore provide you with qualified traffic.

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