If you have a website, you certainly already know that natural referencing is one of the essential levers to boost the visibility of a brand or a company on the internet.

Natural referencing, frequently called “SEO”, the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, groups together all the techniques and processes that allow the pages of a website to position themselves optimally in the results of search engines ( SERP) in order to generate traffic, preferably qualified.

Here are some figures that demonstrate the importance of SEO:

75% of Internet users do not go past the first page of Google results
90% of clicks on the first page of Google search results are natural links
Top 5 search results account for over 65% of all clicks
Over 90% of B2B China WhatsApp Number List buyers start their search on Google. And finally, more than 100 billion searches are performed on Google every month.

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Why use a SEO agency?
Even if you feel capable of improving certain elements of your SEO, be it the content or the technical aspect, nothing beats the experience and the sum of skills that an SEO agency can provide. SEO is a multidisciplinary and demanding discipline that must be entrusted to certified experts and equipped with state-of-the-art SEO tools .

Which correspond to the requirements of Google’s algorithm:

1- The content

You absolutely must offer quality content on your website, free from any plagiarism. An SEO agency can help you create relevant content and publish it at regular intervals on your website.

2- The technical aspect

To be properly analyzed by GoogleBot, Google’s robot, your site must be perfectly optimized from a technical point of view. This concerns page load speed, link checking, setting up structured data and rich snippets, switching your site to https, among other things.

3- The mesh of backlinks

This last point is essential to ensure the popularity of your site. With quality backlinks from other sites, you will increase in popularity and Google will take this into account for your ranking on its search pages.

So if you are an entrepreneur in Montpellier and in the Hérault department, do not hesitate to call on one of the SEO agencies that we have selected to be part of the top 10 below:

Your SEO agency that builds your SEO strategy

1- Studio Gasoline
Studio Gazoline is a Google Partner and Analytics certified SEO and webmarketing agency located in the center of Montpellier.

If your company wishes to improve its natural referencing in Montpellier, the agency’s teams of SEO experts will take into consideration your objectives, your problems, as well as the particularities of your sector of activity before proposing an SEO strategy likely to place your website at the top of the first Google search page.

Concretely, Studio Gazoline will begin its action with an SEO audit and a study of your competitors. After possible support for the redesign of your website, its editors will create suitable content and implement quality inbound link campaigns (backlinks) to improve your visibility on the web.

Contact the agency for all your SEO and web projects and get a free quote. Studio Gazoline also offers SEA services and sponsored link campaigns with Google Ads.

2- Digimood
Digimood is an SEO agency based in Montpellier, Paris, Marseille, and Bourg-Saint-Maurice, present in Hérault since 2017. It is largely capable of ensuring the visibility of your website on search engines. The agency works alongside many local companies, whether they are start-ups from the BIC (Business Innovation Center) and the Start2you accelerator, or large local companies such as the Baurès or Schneider Electric establishments.


Here is a SEO agency in Montpellier who will do their utmost to find the most effective solutions to boost your visibility and your ranking in Google search results. Webylo’s SEO experts have all the necessary know-how and techniques to set up your company’s SEO strategy and optimize your website.

Webylo intervenes with a global SEO process divided into 4 fundamental steps. First, its consultants are active in finding suitable keywords and optimizing your web content. Then, they optimize the technical elements of your site or online sales platform. Thanks to a qualitative link-building work to finish, your website should climb in the SERP. Webylo also offers you regular monitoring in order to analyze your performance and optimize your SEO strategy if necessary.


LesMarketing is an SEO agency in Montpellier that focuses on quality rather than quantity in terms of natural referencing strategy. Their team of consultants is continuously trained and adapts to changes and updates to the Google algorithm to offer its clients in Montpellier and Hérault quality services.

Located in the heart of Montpellier, the LesMarketing agency can provide tailor-made SEO for your business, depending on your resources and your business objectives. In addition, you will have as SEO contact a single project manager who will deliver monthly reports attesting to performance and progress made, whether in terms of visibility, notoriety, or conversion rate.

If you want to complement your SEO efforts with ad campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, or LinkedIn, LesMarketing can help you set up a Paid Ads strategy with its SEA SEO skills.

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